Kimberly Wyatt

Girlguiding Big Gig 2014 London - Arrivals

Wyatt in 2014, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Kimberly Kaye Wyatt

Place of Birth: Warrensburg, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 4, 1982

Ethnicity: English, as well as German and Swiss-German

Kimberly Wyatt is an American singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality. She was part of The Pussycat Dolls, a band whose members also included Carmit Bachar, Kaya Jones, Ashley Roberts, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Sutta, and Melody Thornton.

Kimberly is the daughter of Kathy and James Wyatt. She is married to English model Max Rogers, with whom she has three children.

Kimberly’s paternal grandfather was Ernest “Owen” Wyatt (the son of Lester William Wyatt and Mary Ann Reynolds). Ernest was born in Missouri. Lester was the son of John Andrew Wyatt and Margaret Jane Rennison.

Kimberly’s paternal grandmother was Mary Jane Guynn (the daughter of Ruben/Rubin/Reuben Alfred Guynn/Gwynn and Martha Graham Wallace). Ruben was the son of Reuben Alfred Gwynn and Zella Lemmon Kistler.

Kimberly’s maternal grandfather’s surname is Pfost.

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