Kim Rocco Shields

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Birth Name: Kimberly Theresaann Rocco

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 4, 1981

Ethnicity: Italian, as well as English, Irish, Spanish, and possibly some German

Kim Rocco Shields is an American filmmaker.

Kim’s paternal grandfather is Vincent Frederick Rocco (the son of James Rocco and Mary Rohm). Vincent was born in New York. James was born in New York, likely to Italian parents. Mary was born in New York.

Kim’s paternal grandmother is Norma M. Bartoli (the daughter of Louis Bartoli and Theresa Chiavacci/Chiaecci). Norma was born in Pennsylvania. Louis was born in Pennsylvania, to Italian parents, Ceaser/Cesare Bartoli and Celia. Theresa was born in Pennsylvania, to Italian parents, Giacinto Chiavacci and Rosina Bargellini, who was from Pistoia, Tuscany.

Kim’s maternal grandfather is Louis Francis D’Elia (the son of Louis Francis D’Elia and Maria de las Nieves “Mary Ann” Piperno). Kim’s grandfather Louis was born in California. Kim’s great-grandfather Louis was born in Washington, the son of Luigi Filippo “Louis” D’Elia, who was born in Tursi, Matera, Basilicata, Italy, and of Rosa “Rosie” Brancalasso, who was also Italian. Maria was born in Havana, Cuba, the daughter of Raphael/Rafael Hector Fabio Piperno, who was born in Italy, and of Martina Moreno y Fruto, who was born in Spain.

Kim’s maternal grandmother is Ann Marie Stubington (the daughter of Joseph Richard Stubington and Vivian Rose Spellmire). Ann was born in California. Joseph was born in England. Vivian was born in Washington, the daughter of George Henry Spellmire and Blanche Coyle/Cowl.

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  1. andrew says:

    She is between 1/8 and 1/16 Sephardi Jewish

  2. andrew says:

    Piperno is typical Italian Jewish surname

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