Kevin Lilliana

Birth Name: Kevin Lilliana Junaedy

Place of Birth: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Date of Birth: January 5, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese, Indonesian (Javanese, Sundanese)

Kevin Lilliana is an Indonesian model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss International 2017.

Her father, Pupu Junaedi, is an Indonesian of ethnic Chinese descent. Her mother, Lina Inong, has Javanese and Sundanese ancestry.

Her first name, Kevin, is a masculine name, as her parents wanted a boy and they were inspired by the film Home Alone‘s main character, named Kevin. Her second given name, Lilliana, is a feminine name that came from her mother Lina and grandmother Anna.


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  1. Manila says:

    Her mother was also of Sundanese (also part of Indonesian) descent.

    Her father, Pupu Junaedi, is Chinese Indonesian. Meaning, he was born in Indonesia, but he is ethnic Chinese.

    I am not clear of her mother’s last name. According to some sources, her last name is “Yulianti”. But according to her Facebook account, her last name is listed as “Inong”. She perhaps did not change her last name when she got married.

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