Kevin Downes

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Birth Name: Kevin Paul Downes

Place of Birth: Kings, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 21, 1971

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, 3/16ths Norwegian, 1/16th Swedish

Kevin Downes is an American actor, writer, producer, and director. He is the co-founder and Chief of Production and Distribution of Kingdom Story Company, which makes Christian films.

Kevin’s brother is film producer Bobby Downes. He is married to Catherine.

Kevin’s paternal grandfather is Willard Merrill Downes (the son of Joseph Lodowick Downes and Florence Effie Chase). Willard was born in Maryland. Joseph was born in Maryland, the son of John Henry Downes and Sarah Elizabeth May. Florence was born in Connecticut, the daughter of Charles Chase and Almira.

Kevin’s paternal grandmother is Mary Alice “Polly” Whitney (the daughter of Josiah Dwight Whitney and Katherine Woods Bill). Mary Alice was born in New York. Josiah was born in Wisconsin, the son of Henry Mitchell Whitney and Frances Wurts. Katherine was born in Illinois, the daughter of Edward Woosley Bill and Grace Woods.

Kevin’s maternal grandfather is Gordon Sommers (the son of Robert Richard Sommers and Ida C. Gordon). Kevin’s grandfather Gordon was born in Minnesota. Robert was born in Minnesota, to German parents, Wilhelm Sommers and Alvina Behnke. Ida was born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents, with her mother being surnamed Haugven.

Kevin’s maternal grandmother is Dorothy Pearl Smith (the daughter of Albert Montgomery Smith and Violet/Violetta E. Lindquist). Dorothy was born in Wisconsin. Albert was born in Wisconsin, the son of Jacob M. Smith and Mary Jane Conroy, whose parents were Irish. Violet was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Peter August Lindquist, who was Swedish, and of Karen Regina Hanson, who was from Norway.

Source: Death record of Kevin’s maternal grandmother, Dorothy Pearl (Smith) Sommers/Sommer –

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