Kelly Thiebaud

Birth Name: Kelly Hager Thiebaud

Place of Birth: El Campo, Wharton, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 28, 1982

Ethnicity: German, English, 1/8 Swiss-French

Kelly Thiebaud is an American actress. Kelly was previously married to actor Bryan Craig.

Kelly is the daughter of Suzanne Louise (Hager) and Gary Franklyn Thiebaud. Kelly’s parents have German, English, and Swiss-German roots.

Kelly’s paternal grandfather was Franklyn Julius Thiebaud (the son of Oscar Jules Thiebaud and Mary Melba/Mebba Anderson). Oscar was born in Noiraigue, Switzerland, the son of Gustave M. Thiebaud and Dina. Mary Melba was the daughter of William Wesley Anderson and Eliza Ann “Kittie” Ham.

Kelly’s paternal grandmother was Betty Prough (the daughter of Ralph Prough and Lucy Turner). Ralph was the son of Huston Prough and Martha Alice Brown. Lucy was the daughter of Turk/Turp/Turpin Turner and Margaret “Maggie” Allen.

Kelly’s maternal grandfather was Otto J. Hager. Otto was the stepson of Charles McClure and Elsa.

Kelly’s maternal grandmother was Mary Ellen Lake (the daughter of Charles Leslie Lake and Margaret Ana Jenkins). Charles was the son of Ely T. Lake and Ella Temple. Margaret was the daughter of David J. Jenkins and Mary Jones.

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