Kate Nauta

Kate Nauta – US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style 2009 Issue Event – Arrivals – MyHouse – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

Birth Name: Kate Lynn Nauta

Place of Birth: Salem, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 29, 1982

*father – Dutch/Frisian
*mother – English, Irish, German

Kate Nauta is an American fashion model, actress, and singer.

Kate is the daughter of Rhonda and Louie Nauta. She was raised in Woodburn, Oregon.

Kate’s paternal grandfather was named Piebe Lolle “Pete” Nauta. Piebe was Dutch.

Kate’s paternal grandmother was Wilma Wieke (born Wiechertje Wimmie Overdijk, the daughter of Wieger Willem Overdijk and Grietje de Glee).¬†Wilma was born in¬†Haskerhorne, Friesland, the Netherlands. Wieger was the son of Douwe Overdijk and Wipke de Jong. Grietje was the daughter of Jacob de Glee/de Glee and Wiegertje/Wiegartje Wybrens Kornelis.

Kate’s maternal grandfather was Ronald M. “Ron” Hauxwell (the son of Cecil/Ceciel Myron Hauxwell and Henrietta/Henrrietta Dors King). Ronald was born in Oregon. Cecil was the son of Amos Hauxwell, who was English, and of Effie Maria Loomis. Henrietta was the daughter of Robert Everett King and Eva Emarine Yount.

Kate’s maternal grandmother was named Virginia Lou “Ginny” Hilton (the daughter of Simion Thomas Hilton and Grace B.). Virginia was born in Kansas. Simion was the son of Charles Edward Hilton and Martha Elizabeth Thompson.

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  1. andrew says:

    “Yount” is of German origin (either Swiss or Alsatian) She shares ancestors with Pete Buttigieg on that line, among others in the site.

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