Kat Graham

Graham in 2011, Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham

Place of Birth: Geneva, Switzerland

Date of Birth: September 5, 1989

*Americo-Liberian (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Kat Graham, also credited as Katerina Graham, is an American actress, singer, model, and dancer. She is famous for appearing on will.i.am’s track I Got It From My Mama. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and grew in California, U.S. She is able to speak four languages.

Kat’s s father, Joseph Hartford Graham, is Americo-Liberian. Her mother, Natasha, is Jewish (from a family that emigrated from Poland and Russia). Kat was raised in her mother’s faith, and attended Hebrew School.

Americo-Liberians have Liberian ethnicity and African-American ancestry. Americo-Liberians trace their ancestry to free-born and formerly enslaved African-Americans (who called themselves Americo-Liberians) who immigrated in the 1800s to become the founders of Liberia.

Kat’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Graham, a U.N. Ambassador, serving for 40 years in the Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, and Kenya.

Source: http://clutchmagonline.com

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. noneofyourbusiness says:

    What a bunch of sheltered morons. This girl looks very biracial, her European genes are clearly and obviously present. I hate how biracial actresses are used as standard examples of “black beauty” when they’re obviously mixed with white. It’s kind of sad how these dark skinned black females with African features look up to these light skinned biracial celebrities and wonder why they don’t look like them. There are actually a lot of decent looking black actresses, I’m not sure why the black community doesn’t use them as examples. The black community can be just as ignorant as the white community. They put light skinned women with “good hair” on a pedestal. It’s not just white people who think biracial people look better.

    • You’re acing like every black person is dark-skinned. There are black people “carribean” which I am, who are light-skinned with some curly hair texture.

      Yes, we are mixed with some other stuff, but that is clearly fainted, and as in fainted, I mean history.

      Of course she is mixed. You can tell from a mile away. And her features aren’t quite the same with mines, but I can assure you not every black person is dark-skinned with tiny curls. When will people see that?

      • Multiethnicchick says:

        Ligth skin and loose curly hair comes from admixutre. Only people indenial want to act like black Africans look Halle Berry. Get out of here with that.

    • Greyface says:

      light skin is more attractive, it’s science

  2. Princess says:

    She looks 20% black. Her father must be mixed.

    • arial16 says:

      She looks like an aunt of mine on the Nigerian side of my family. Just because a person is light skin and has a small pointier nose (my description and I am Nigerian, East African, NA, and Asian) doesn’t automatically mean they are mixed, sorry. There are some people that look like her in my family that are NOT mixed.

  3. WTF says:

    yes this trick looks mixed. lmfao some of y’all are dumbass basic hoes. but of course in america anyone who is half black and half white is considered black. which is dumb as fk. compare her to michelle obama or the williams sisters (those tennis bitches). she looks mixed compared to them. she looks like a biracial version of hayden panetiierekskskjshd lmfao i dont know how to spell that bitch’s name and i dont feel like googling it so fk off if you dont like it. peace

  4. Nikki says:

    Her surname is english

  5. Nikki says:


    SHe is AMerico-liberian, ashkenazi jewish, french, irish, english, welsh, german, and scottish

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