Karim Benzema

World Cup 2014

Benzema in 2014, photo by Celso Pupo/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Karim Mostafa Benzema

Place of Birth: Lyon, France

Date of Birth: 19 December, 1987

Ethnicity: Algerian [including Kabyle Berber]

Karim Benzema is a French professional footballer. A striker, he plays for Saudi Pro League club Al-Ittihad. He has also played for Lyon II, Lyon, and Real Madrid, and the France national team.

Karim’s father, Hafid Benzema, was born in the village Tighzert, located in the northern town, Aït Djellil, in Kabylie, Algeria. Karim’s mother, Wahida Djebbara, was born and raised in Lyon; her family originated from Oran. Karim grew up in Bron, an eastern suburb of Lyon. His younger brothers, Gressy and Sabri, are also footballers.

Karim has two children with his former partner Chloé de Launay; a son with his former partner Cora Gauthier; and one child with his partner, American model Jordan Ozuna.

A practising Muslim, Karim observes fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Karim’s paternal grandfather was named Da Lakehal Benzema. He lived in Tighzert, settling in Lyon in the 1950s.

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  1. Capricious says:

    I was surprised that he’s full Algerian/Berber, as they tend to have “African” features (darker skin, wider nose).

    Initially, I thought he was Turkish or Lebanese because he seems paler.

    He is so hot and incredibly good-looking. Why is Ronaldo a sex symbol and not him?

    • trishaPay says:

      Bulls***, berbers are completly caucasian and this guy looks like a textbook berber.Everythink in his facial features are berber.Only 10% of north africans are black or mixed with black.AND LOL “””I was surprised that he’s full Algerian/Berber, as they tend to have “African” features (darker skin, wider nose). “”” No they DON’T tend to have african features, it’s quite the other way around, algerians/berbers are very light compared to the average middle eastern.So get your facts straight.

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