José Canseco

Birth Name: José Canseco Capas, Jr.

Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba

Date of Birth: July 2, 1964

Ethnicity: Cuban [Spanish]

José Canseco is an American professional baseball player. He was an outfielder and designated hitter in Major League Baseball.

José was born in Havana, the son of Barbara and José Canseco. His twin brother, Ozzie Canseco, is also a professional baseball player, and manager. In Cuba, his father was a territory manager for the oil and gasoline corporation Esso, and an English teacher. The family was allowed to move to the U.S. in 1965, settling in Miami, where his father worked for oil/gasoline concern Amoco.

José has a daughter with his former wife Jessica Sekely.

His paternal grandparents were Spanish.

José was involved with controversy related to steroid use. After his baseball career, he also gained media attention for his dabble in combat sports, namely boxing and MMA. The self-proclaimed black belt in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Kickboxing was quickly defeated in a boxing match against football player Vai Sikahema, and Korean giant Hong Man Choi in an MMA fight.

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Curious about ethnicity

5 Responses

  1. is says:

    He actually looks like he could have a little native American in him.

    • juan says:

      Well I do not see native american. I am Spanish and many of us look like this. Not sure what you are thinking. For some reason, many latin americans and mexicans have this off notion that Spaniards or Spanish people look blonde and blue eyed. Lol= We are latin Mediterranean people like Italians and Portuguese and S French. Mediterranean like Greeks.

  2. Rossa P says:

    Father’s side is 100% Spanish, I know this. Mother’s side is also Spanish ancestry albeit further back.

  3. ethnic says:

    it was crazy that he entered the ring just with his girlfriend in his corner. Also what was up with those pajama pants?

  4. coffee break says:

    Jose Canseco is a powder puff compared to Hong Man Choi; he didn’t stand a chance

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