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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEB 16: Jordan Peele at the premiere of Univer

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Birth Name: Jordan Haworth Peele

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 21, 1979

*father – African-American
*mother – English, as well as remote Scottish and Dutch

Jordan Peele is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is known for writing, directing, and producing the films Get Out, Us, and Nope. He has often worked with Keegan-Michael Key, and the two are known as Key & Peele.

His father, Hayward Peele, Jr., was black. He was born in Robersonville, Martin, North Carolina. Jordan’s mother, Lucinda J. Williams, is white, of English descent, along with remote Scottish and Dutch. She was born in Salisbury, Maryland. She has roots in Colonial America of the 1600s, specifically Maryland and Massachusetts. Jordan is married to actress and comedian Chelsea Peretti, with whom he has a son.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2021) stated that Jordan’s genetic ancestry is:

*51% European
*46% African
*2% Caucasus
*1% Native American

In 2015, The New Yorker wrote that growing up, Jordan’s mother “had her share of dealing with other people’s incredulity, especially as a pale, blue-eyed blonde.” She was quoted as saying:

Having parents with different ethnic identities was not a particularly unusual situation here [in Manhattan], nor was being raised by a single parent… [Jordan was] obviously my joy… [but strangers tended to] assume he was adopted or I was watching someone else’s child. When he was still in a stroller, I would see people’s faces freeze and then look away upon leaning in to admire the baby. You could almost see a ‘Does Not Compute’ sign light up in their eyes.

Jordan’s paternal grandfather was named Mathew Haywood Peel (the son of Matthew Peel/Peele and Mary). Haywood was born in North Carolina. Jordan’s great-great-grandmother Alvania Peel was born into slavery.

Jordan’s paternal grandmother was Lucy May/Mae Doggert (the daughter of Mancy Doggert and Hattie/Harriet/Mattie Burnett/Burnette/Bernett). Lucy was born in North Carolina, the daughter of sharecroppers who worked on a farm with tobacco, peanuts, and corn. Mancy was the son of Adam Doggert/Doggett/Dogert and Georgeana/Georganna/Georgianna Tillery. Hattie was the daughter of Sidney/Sydney Robert Burnette/Burnett and Lucy A. Lynch.

Jordan’s maternal grandfather was Earl Haworth Williams (the son of Earl Monroe Williams and Mary Leona Nichols). Jordan’s grandfather Earl was born in Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland. Jordan’s great-grandfather Earl was the son of John Henry Delaney Williams and Lillie/Lilly Emily Virginia Hilghman. Mary Leona was the daughter of George Washington Nichols and Ruth Isabelle Lowe.

Jordan’s maternal grandmother was Josephine Helen Taylor (the daughter of Everett Sidney Taylor and Louise Strong). Josephine was born in Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland. Everett was the son of Algernon Sidney/Sydney Taylor and Mary Rietta Johnson. Louise was the daughter of Walter Robbins Strong and Henrietta M. “Nettie” Wicks.

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  1. andrew says:

    Lillie E. Hilghman -> Lillie Emily Hilghman

  2. andrew says:

    I doubt his mother has just English ancestry, most likely some German too.

    His 2nd great-grandmother Lillie Emily Hilghman was the daughter of James Winder Hilghman and Eleanor Polk.

    Polk is a Scots-Irish family.

  3. Daron says:

    His mom must have African her family also because this guy does not look remotely White or biracial.

    • angrygirl19 says:

      But she doesnt

    • Multiethnicchick says:

      If you took him to Africa among black Africans he would stand out. He looks australian aboriginal

      • CubanFlowers says:

        sweetie hi… have you ever been to a country in Africa……………………or are you basing your “truths”…from your visits…to the continent via the ———- —–.……?…… . .. i have….. been to.. 2…..countries.. there in Africa……..and i can tell to you.. that.. he would blend.. right in……….with those black African peoples……………………………………… blessed

        • Multiethnicchick says:

          Okay which black african ethnic group does he resemble? I’ll wait

          • EZRamo says:

            Jordan Peele looks like someone who has European and African ancestry. The reason he looks unambiguously African American is because African American is not a racial group, it is a cultural group. Most African Americans have African, varying degree of European ancestry and sometimes Native American and or Asian ancestry. Much of this ancestry came before slavery ended.

            He does not look remotely Aboriginal Australian. Just because Africans and Aborigines have dark skinned does not mean they look alike, this is a really weird comment.

            And yes, his mom could have African Ancestry, many White Americans do have African ancestry.

      • SexyBlack 3434 says:

        Yes, that would be true however, there are MANY African-Americans that look like him.

    • Multiethnicchick says:

      He certainly doesnt look full black african. His father was likely fully black(which is rare for black americans). At the least, he certainly looks like he has 1/4 admixture and as a child he looked very mixed

  4. Gurrl says:

    does not look half European in the slightest.

  5. Connerfromvine says:

    I always thought he was Blasian and the other one was B&W

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