Hrithik Roshan

12th Annual Marrakech International Film Festival - Tribute to Hindi Cinema - Arrivals

Roshan in in 2012, photo by

Place of Birth: Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Date of Birth: January 10, 1974

Ethnicity: Indian Punjabi, some Bengali

Hrithik Roshan is a Bollywood actor.

Hrithik is the son of Pinky and Rakesh Roshan, a film director, producer, and actor. Hrithik was previously married to actress Sussanne Khan.

Hrithik’s paternal grandfather was Roshan, a Hindi film music composer. Roshan was born Roshanlal Nagrath in Gujranwala, Punjab, British India (now Punjab, Pakistan). Hrithik’s uncle (father’s brother), Rajesh Roshan (Rajesh Roshan Lal Nagrath), is a cinema music composer.

Hrithik’s maternal grandfather is J. Om Prakash, a film producer and director, who was President of the Film Federation of India, for the year 1995-1996. J. Om was born in Sialkot, Punjab, British India.

Hrithik’s maternal grandmother is Bengali.

Hrithik was raised Hindu.

A picture of Hrithik’s family can be seen here.

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  1. Jacklyn 224 says:

    Wow his very very handsome.He looks northern European like one of those classic English men.India is a multiracial nation and last I checked multiracial come in all shades and phenotypes.Some look white,some black,some brown, some Asian,and some mixed race.India is the definition of diversity.

  2. Wolfman says:

    WTF? He’s full Indian and from the Khatri caste who descend from the original Aryans who are mainly R1a on the Male line who originate from the Russian Steppes.

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