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  1. madman says:

    When it comes to rare family backgrounds that are mentionen in the profiles (like grandparents being born in four different countries), one that I think is interesting and that could be noted is having recent ancestors who belonged to at least three different religions. There’s a few of them.


  2. andrew says:

    For some reason I can’t post it on her page. Btw Sara Bareilles’ Swiss family is from:,_Ticino

    Also her paternal great-grandmother’s correct name was Florence Borzone (Brizoni does not exist), thus she was likely from Genoa (as most Italian immigrants to California used to be).

  3. comrade says:

    I submitted Kiri Allan (New Zealand politician) but it hasn’t shown up. Are politicians not allowed? (She has a wikipedia but no pictures on Prphotos)

  4. callmecharlie says:

    Does anyone know Jess Salgueiro’s ethnicity?

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