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  1. andrew says:

    good piece of comedy about Dukakis!

  2. jackson9 says:

    Has the French and Portuguese region idea of ethnic tags that has been brought up been approved or disapproved?

  3. Oaken05 says:

    Can someone see what they can find on NASCAR racer Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, Jr? He is the son of Darrell Wallace Sr., who is white, and Desiree Wallace, who is black. Wallace is a Scottish surname, but that’s only if we can trace it back far enough to make sure of no adoptions or anything.

  4. Oaken05 says:

    Every other post by Jacklyn 224 has something censored. At what point is it more effort than she’s worth? This has gotten beyond ridiculous.

    • follers says:

      Is this site really not allowed to get any new regular posters at all (other than yourself)?

      I’m aware that the cast of Friends never changed for nine years, but I think that was a unique situation and I’m not sure we’ve replicated it, or should aim to.

      If comments like “LeMahieu does not sound too much Dutch” are allowed, I think someone calling people u-g-l-y once in a while (as Jaclyn does) is okay.

      • andrew says:

        LeMahieu does not sound too much Dutch indeed…

      • Oaken05 says:

        If it’s so okay, then why is she being censored? What is even the point of comments like this? She sounds like she has problems she needs to deal with, and insulting people on some random website isn’t dealing with it.

        What even is this place? I thought this was about discussing the ethnic background of celebrities.

        • jackson9 says:

          Why are we all obsessing over Jacklyn 224 when a celebrities brother is on this site?

        • follers says:

          So you’re saying we should be more like the cast of Friends?

          Was Friends really that good a show, though? Especially from a postmodernist, neo-constructionist, subterdarwinian perspective from which I think we frankly have to look at any piece of television programming from 20-25 years ago to accrue a fair and delineated examination?

          For example, I didn’t know that so many Sicilians resembled Bantu until Jaclyn brought the fact to my attention. That’s why it’s useful to have a fresh voice on here.

          • jackson9 says:

            Don’t be goofy Follers…. OF COURSE I am saying we should be more like the cast of friends. Has anyone ever told you that you would make a perfect Jennifer Aniston?

          • jackson9 says:

            People say I look like David Schwimmer. He must have Norwegian and Irish somewhere down the line or I must have Ashkeanzi… If only I was a celeb and could be added to find out :(

          • follers says:

            Lisa Kudrow = Me (duh)
            Jennifer Aniston = Bablah
            Courteney Cox = Madman (probably the most obvious of these)
            Matthew Perry = bearboy
            David Schwimmer = andrew (everyone would be tempted to racially stereotype and say Matt LeBlanc, but I actually don’t think so)

          • bablah says:

            What? Come on now. Everybody nows I’m Janice.

          • jackson9 says:

            What about the funniest character that sadly leaves the show Friends also known as Neil Tennant?

          • andrew says:

            @ follers

            Of main “Friends” male actors, I’d fall between Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc. Put Matt’s eyes on Matthew and that is me

            I don’t look like Schwimmer at all.

          • andrew says:

            Never been a fan of “Friends” though. I was more into Beverly Hills 92010, Baywatch, Family Matters, The Nanny, and expecially Inspector Rex.

          • andrew says:

            Only Inspector Rex’s 1994-2001 seasons tbh.

          • follers says:

            I was obviously not talking about their physical appearance. Do you really have to ruin every joke? Such a David Schwimmer thing to do.

          • jackson9 says:

            I have to agree with follers again. Everyone on this site knows I am the spitting image of David Schwimmer yet as follers pointed out the personality and brains of Mathhew Perrys character!

          • madman says:

            Didn’t realise we resembled the show that well. I guess I’m kinda like Monica actually.

            Neiltennant is clearly Joey, by the way.

          • andrew says:

            Dear follers, I actually enjoyed the joke. Keep it up!

          • ethnic says:

            Jacklyn will be deleted if she continues trolling.

          • passingtime85 says:

            I’d like to throw my hat into the ring and be analogous to Gunther… Although since he’s the proprietor of Central Perk, and everyone gathers in his establishment for their frequent public outings, perhaps Ethnic would be a better fit. Or maybe I should be the Paul Rudd character that marries Phoebe… Wonderful, me and Follers together forever in misery…

  5. bablah says: has free british and irish records until 26th if you have an account.

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