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  1. jackson9 says:

    Instead of an “athlete” section, can we break it down into sections e.g. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc?

  2. madman says:

    It’s back!

    Might as well just make every French-Canadian-tag with a – between the words.

    • comrade says:

      He’s not really French-Canadian though, as there’s no recorded Sam Delamere living in Canada at that time. Though, there is a Sam Delamere who lived in Ireland but I’m not sure if that was another Sam Delamere who lived at the same time as the “french-canadian” Sam Delamere.

      Also, I’m sorry I f’ed up the fractions on his ancestors. (I’m not good with fractions.) I also have more info on Cliff Curtis. Should I just post the description in the comment or… through submit a celeb) thanks -comrade (just a genealogy nerd).

      • madman says:

        I guess your comment refers to Taika Waititi’s page. This is the feedback section for the website, my comment was only adressing that this tag is repeatedly spelled in two different ways when something is edited, creating two tags where there should be one.

        Hmmm… so do you think Sam Delamere is a rumour? Or was he of a different nationality? Have you looked through Canadian censuses or read something from someone who has? Because using the site that I often use for that,, I wouldn’t expect to find him that early.

        You can post any information in the comment section if the celebrity already has a page. If they don’t, you can submit it through “Submit a celeb”!

        If you have access to genealogy information about New Zealanders, do you have anything on the Flight of the Conchords-guys? I’m very curious about their background.

        • comrade says:

          “my comment was only adressing that this tag is repeatedly spelled in two different ways when something is edited, creating two tags where there should be one.” sorry, my mistake…

          I think Sam Delamere was real but his nationality isn’t French-Canadian. I think Sam* Delamere originated from Ireland/UK, traveled to Canada’s West Coast to be a whaler and then ended up in New Zealand for the whaling business. His ancestors probably thought he was french as De La Mer (meaning ‘from the sea’) is also a french name. But when it’s spelled Delamere it could actually be a Norman/British-Isles name. It seems to be quite common near Dublin, Ireland and Cheshire, England.

          *Samuel (Sam) is also more of an anglo name, it’s not that common among french speakers.

          So that makes me think Sam Delamere might have been Anglo/Irish. But I could be wrong, maybe he was a french speaker, after all and when asked where he came from he just said “de la mer” (from the sea) because he was a whaler.

          “do you have anything on the Flight of the Conchords-guys?” i’ll look into it.

  3. callmecharlie says:

    Anyone have any clue on what Brenna D’Amico’s ethnicity is? I read somewhere that she’s mixed but I can’t find any confirmation.

  4. Oaken05 says:

    Why can’t some comments be replied to? There is a ridiculous comment posted on the 22nd on this page that needs one, but lo and behold, no direct reply option.

  5. Oaken05 says:

    Curious if anyone can find any background information on automotive journalist and Top Gear co-host Chris Harris? I suspect he might have some South Asian ancestry, but have no idea.

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