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  1. RadDaddy says:

    Neiltennant has posted egregious and pathologically antisemitic/self loathing bile, on countless celeb profiles and is completely tone deaf to his bigotry and stereotyping of Jewish people in particular.
    Neil’s impotent “defense” is saying he’s partially Jewish; as though that gives him the right to be a bigot on a Stormfront like level with impunity…

    On basically ANY European celeb profile that isn’t a blonde Nordic stereotype, Neil spams vitriolic comments on how “exotic” and “Jewish looking” they’re.
    NONE of them ARE Jewish, however.
    Neil is a sick and obscene poster and has the nerve to ask for me to censored.

    Hey Neil, have you ever heard that people in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones?

    • neiltennant says:

      brother dont come with the jewish card
      im part jewish and im very proud of that

      my jewish part of the family lived in a country with mostly muslim population for many decades. And they had been brothers and sisters

      by the way i never identified myself as a jew. Im only 14,5 percent jewish descent. But it is fine to know that im jewish.

      you are new on that site and many times i was right. Years ago i knew that certain people have jewish descent and people laughed at me but on many of those people i was right.

      And one anecdote from a jewish girl i dated years ago. YAEL was the name and she came to me and said YOU HAVE A JEWISH VIBE

      • RadDaddy says:

        Nah Neil, you have spammed insulting anti Jewish stereotypes all over this site.

        You said this about Molly Ringwald
        “she is jewish with those dark eyes.”

        Clearly Follers posted her ethnicity and it’s “German, English, 1/8th Swedish, distant Dutch” and not in the least Jewish.
        So why did you do that?
        Explain yourself?

        I have a pretty thick skin, but I find your posts extremely obnoxious and insulting.
        You’re being quite dishonest in not fessing up to your perplexing and bizarre anti Jewish bias.
        I happen to live in a city with nearly 2 million Jews and can tell you everything you’re posting about them is ass-backwards.

    • neiltennant says:

      BROTHER i dont want to fight
      i reach my hands to you
      i will be careful with my comments

      • RadDaddy says:

        Fair enough, Neil.
        I don’t want to fight either.

        Anti Jewish stereotypes are bad enough when gentiles do it, but a guy with Jewish heritage slinging them is just unacceptable to me.
        The Jewish people can’t even get treated fairly by one of their own, and trust me one great grandparent that is Jewish is more than enough for you to face antisemitism.

        I get intense sometimes, Neil.
        Believe me when I say I have a great deal of faults and will try and be a better person.

        • neiltennant says:

          okay i will reach my hands to you

          and i will be careful very careful in future

          i understood what you tried to say !

          And yes i have faced Antisemitism too although i dont identify myself as jewish
          but hey … 40 percent of my friends are either muslims or jews.

  2. neiltennant says:


    this user vandalizes this site on a very bad manner and he wrote very bad offensive comments against me
    i warned him

    i am a good guy with worths and ethics i dont tolerate trolls like him.

    I never said anything against users here now for the first time since 2011 i feel uncomfortably and afraid because somebody violates me

    the worst sentence of him was
    ,,You have more stereotypes in your comments than the most hardcore 20 IQ Nazis from the 1940s”

    im part jewish and eurasian and i was born into a family which is very proud of his ethnic roots and that hurts me so much

    • RadDaddy says:

      Would you like me to post some quotes of your hate speech and extremely offensive anti-Jewish tripe?
      Go ahead and tell me that you’re 1/8th Jewish or whatever.
      That actually just compounds your sick posts all the more.

      Listen snowflake, you put out hate/racism/ignorance, and are in no position to whine at all.
      You have many, many, offensive posts on here that you should be ashamed of.
      If this site did have mods that don’t believe in free speech you would have been gone long ago….

  3. neiltennant says:

    Please can you put
    CIA BERG singer of the swedish Band WHALE. She looks very atypical for a swede and reminds me more of my ashkenazi jewish cousins with that hair and pale skin but brown eyes

  4. jackson9 says:

    I added Saquon Barkley to ethnic celebs. He doesn’t have a picture on pr photos, however he is arguably the best player currently in the NFL.

    • jackson9 says:

      Saquon Barkley has a wikipedia page and a bigstock photo. BTW off topic question (mainly to the admins) you don’t have to answer but I was curious, who are the most and least famous celebrities I added to this website in your opinion, going back to the Bearboy account? Blessings, Sincerely Bearboy/Jackson9 :-)

  5. neiltennant says:

    I was searching for URI GELLER yesterday and was shocked that he is not on ETHNICELEBS !
    I Cried about that. In which world we are living when a Meghan marKLE is included but uri geller not

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