Henry Kissinger

Kissinger in 2009, photo by David Shankbone

Birth Name: Heinz Alfred Kissinger

Place of Birth: Fürth, Bavaria, Germany

Date of Birth: May 27, 1923

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Henry Kissinger is a German-born American diplomat, political scientist, and writer. He served as National Security Advisor, from January 20, 1969 to November 3, 1975, and as the 56th United States Secretary of State, from September 22, 1973 to January 20, 1977, the latter under both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1973.

He was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 1972 (sharing the award with Richard Nixon).

Henry was born in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, to German Jewish parents, Paula (Stern) and Louis Kissinger, both from Bayern. His family left Germany in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution, arriving in London, England, and then New York City, New York.

Henry is married to philanthropist Nancy (Maginnes) Kissinger. He has two children with his former wife Ann Fleischer.

Henry’s paternal grandfather was David Kissinger (the son of Abraham Kissinger and Fanny Stern). David was born in Rödelsee, Bayern. Abraham was the son of Meyer Löb/Loeb Kissinger and Schönlein/Schoenlein David-Stahl. Fanny was the daughter of Salomon Stern and Jette Oppenheimer.

Henry’s paternal grandmother was Celine Karoline “Lina” Zeilberger (the daughter of Yekutiel/Kusel Zeilberger and Sara Levi). Celine was born in Ermershausen, Bayern. Yekutiel was the son of Lazarus Zeilberger and Rachel/Regina Schönemann. Sara was the daughter of Mendel Levi and Plesschen Plaut.

Henry’s maternal grandfather was named Falk Stern. Falk was born in Jochberg, Bavaria.

Henry’s maternal grandmother was Peppi Breindel Behr (the daughter of Ascher Behr and Rachel/Regina Levite). Peppi was born in Mönchsroth, Bayern. Ascher was the son of Lippmann/Lippman Ascher Baer/Behr and Breindel Elkan.

Henry is a third half-cousin, twice removed, of British actor Ben Barnes. Henry is a third half-cousin of Ben’s maternal grandfather, Emil Becker. Henry’s great-great-grandfather, Meyer Löb/Loeb Kissinger, was also Ben’s great-great-great-great-grandfather. Meyer was married twice, to a pair of sisters. Meyer’s first wife, Marianne David-Stahl, was Ben Barnes’s great-great-great-great-grandmother. Meyer’s second wife, Schönlein/Schoenlein David-Stahl, was Henry Kissinger’s great-great-grandmother.

Source: Genealogy of Henry Kissinger – http://www.geni.com

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