Birth Name: Kejuan Waliek Muchita

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 21, 1974

Ethnicity: African-American, one quarter African-Kittian

Havoc is an American rapper and music producer. He was a member of hip hop duo Mobb Deep, along with Prodigy. His late younger brother, Todd aka Killa Black, often appeared in Mobb Deep’s videos and was frequently mentioned in their songs.

Havoc grew up in Queens, New York City, the son of Mercedes Adams and William Robert Dixon. His grandfather was jazz musician and composer Bill Dixon. He carries the surname of Todd Muchita, who is not his biological father. A photo of Havoc with his mother can be seen here.

Bill’s paternal grandfather was Bill Dixon (the son of William LeRoy Dixon and Louise Wade). Havoc’s grandfather Bill was born in Massachusetts. Havoc’s great-grandfather William was born in Pennsylvania, the son of William Dixon and Victoria Watson. Louise was born in Virginia, the daughter of Robert Wade and Mary Ferebee.

Havoc’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Matthews (the daughter of Nathan J. Matthews and Susanna Morgan). Dorothy was born in New York, to parents who were born on Saint Kitts. Havoc is a second cousin, once removed, of rapper and producer Erick Sermon, through his Matthews line. Nathan was the son of Samuel Matthews and Rosana Haywood. Susanna was the daughter of Enoch Morgan and Catherine Carey.

Havoc’s maternal grandfather was George Washington Adams (the son of Cecil Adams and Hattie Bell Harris). George was born in North Carolina. Cecil was the son of George Adams and Annie Reddick. Hattie was the daughter of Samuel Allen Harris and Hettie Elizabeth Spencer.

Havoc’s maternal grandmother was named Mercedes Caldwell (the daughter of Richard Caldwell and Hazel). Mercedes was born in New York. Richard was the son of Olin Caldwell and Julia Lilly.

A DNA test taken by Havoc stated that his genetic ancestry is:

*96% African
*3% European
*1% Indigenous

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  1. Mr. Postman says:

    Genealogy of Bill Dixon and Dorothy Matthews:

    Genealogy of George Washington Adams and Mercedes Caldwell:

  2. Mr. Postman says:

    He was featured on a genealogy podcast called “Genes and Gems” where all the guests are rappers.


    According to their research:

    Todd Muchita is not his biological father (he already knew that). Havoc’s biological father is William Robert Dixon (born in New York), the son of noted jazz musician and composer Bill Dixon (born in Massachusetts) and Dorothy Matthews (born in New York). Havoc’s paternal great-grandparents are William LeRoy Dixon (born in Pennsylvania) and Louise Wade (born in Virginia), and Nathan Matthews and Susanna Morgan who were both born in Saint Kitts. Havoc is 1/4 Saint Kittsian.

    William LeRoy Dixon’s parents were William Dixon (born in Pennsylvania) and Victoria Watson (born in Virginia). Louise Wade’s parents were Robert Wade (born in West Virginia) and Mary Ferebee (born in North Carolina).

    Havoc’s maternal grandparents are George Washington Adams (born in North Carolina) and Mercedes Caldwell (born in New York). His maternal great-grandparents, Cecil Adams and Hattie Bell Harris, were born in North Carolina.

    Havoc is a second cousin once removed of rapper and producer Erick Sermon through his Matthews line.

    DNA test results:

    96% African
    3% European
    1% Indigenous

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