Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

Hawn in 2002, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Goldie Jeanne Hawn

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: November 21, 1945

*father – English, German
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Goldie Hawn is an American actress, director, singer, and producer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Cactus Flower (1969). Her films also include There’s a Girl in My Soup, $, Butterflies Are Free, The Sugarland Express, The Girl from Petrovka, Shampoo, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, Foul Play, Private Benjamin, Neil Simon’s Seems Like Old Times, Best Friends, Swing Shift, Overboard, Bird on a Wire, Deceived, CrissCross, Housesitter, Death Becomes Her, The First Wives Club, Everyone Says I Love You, The Out-of-Towners, The Banger Sisters, and Snatched.

Goldie is the daughter of Laura (Steinhoff) and Edward Rutledge Hawn. Her father was born in Newport, Jackson, Arkansas, and was of German and English/British Isles ancestry. Her mother was born in Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania, and was Jewish, the daughter of Jewish emigrants from Hungary/Austria. Goldie was raised in her mother’s Jewish faith. She has practiced some aspects of Buddhism, though she has said, “I was born Jewish, and I consider that my religion.”

Goldie has three children, actors Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson, with her former husband, musician and actor Bill Hudson; and actor and professional hockey player Wyatt Russell, with her partner, actor Kurt Russell.

Goldie is often reported to be a direct descendant of Edward Rutledge (1749-1800), a politician who was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. This claim is not correct. Goldie’s Rutledge line leads back to a man named Joseph Rutledge (c. 1744-1814), and Goldie is not a descendant of Edward Rutledge.

Goldie’s paternal grandfather was Otto Delphia Hawn (the son of Aaron Madison Hawn and Nannie Ada Hevrin). Otto was born in Bollinger County, Missouri. Aaron was of German descent, and was the son of Samuel Hahn. Nannie was the daughter of George W. Hevrin and Elizabeth Ann Green.

Goldie’s paternal grandmother was Clara/Claire Estelle Johnson (the daughter of Henry Spencer Johnson and Mary Frances Hall). Clara was born in Arkansas. Henry was born in Alabama, the son of Henry Johnson and Mary L. Rutledge. Goldie’s great-grandmother Mary was born in Missouri, the daughter of William Roland Hall and Katherine/Catharine Cole.

Goldie’s maternal grandfather was named Max/Michael/Mahal Steinhoff. Max was a Hungarian Jew/Austrian Jew.

Goldie’s maternal grandmother was Fannie Weiss (the daughter of Mendel Weiss and Esther Schwartz). Fannie was a Hungarian Jew/Austrian Jew. Mendel was the son of Eliezer Weiss and Eszter Klein. Goldie’s great-grandmother Esther was the daughter of Ignatz Schwartz and Goldie.

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  1. none says:

    Only Anglo Saxons are White? are you mentally retarded? the original inhabitants of Britain(where you get the Anglo part) came from Greenland(Eskimos) who went from Iceland to the British Isles from a now submerged archipelago between Greenland and Britain. The conquering Romans wrote that the inhabitants of Southern England look Iberian(Spanish/Portuguese) The Romans themselves were Italian and basically created the first British civilization creating London, Lancaster and a multitude of other cities in Britain up to southern Scotland. After the Romans pulled their troops out of England, the Anglo Saxons(who were persistently defeated by the indigenous Roman/Celt/Pict population) invaded but eventually the Normans (first generation French Scandinavians) nearly destroyed their civilization. The Normans detested the Anglo Saxons whose ancestry is a mix of Netherlands, German, Danish even Belgian. getting back to the initial argument, the Anglo Saxons whose ancestors came from Central Asia are admixture of Asians, Persian, Slavic, Northern Indian and a whole host of others, so no Anglo Saxon are not necessarily White.

    • ckd10 says:

      Wow, this is one of the funniest and dumbest threads i´ve ever read ( and i have read a lot ) ! I don´t want to answer one of the racist posts ( that would be a little bit too far under my level ), but i would like to answer you, none: How old are you? Are you a reader of Murdoch´s “The Sun”? I really like your anti- racist attitude, but what you wrote about the origins of the angles and saxons and their time in britain is hilariously wrong! It seems to be an “The Sun” readíng celt- wannabe´s wet dream!!! LOL, and the romans, whose soldiers were more than only of italic/ italian origin, did NOT basically create the first civilisation on british ground! Never heard of Stonehenge?

  2. Ahmed says:

    LOL this Anglo Saxon guy seems like a Joke, man even many English people have dark hair and eyes so I guess they aren’t white either?

  3. Mr Mint says:

    Why whites in quotation marks?

    Did you know how many Irish people are in Hollywood? Or are they not white either?

    • I love you, Roger Scientist says:

      I put it in quotation marks because they do not exist.

      • Mr Mint says:

        Wait, are you saying Whites don’t exist because “white” is a social construct?

        • bumgum says:

          He probably believes in big conspiracies too.

        • I love you, Roger Scientist says:

          I do.


          Only Anglo-Saxons are white, so if course Jews are not white.

        • Roger Is My Lover says:

          Anglo-Saxons are the only ‘real white people.’

        • Roger Is My Lover says:

          This is true.

          • rickyflo says:

            No, this is not proven and theorized true. Anglo-Saxons are not the only whites because again, I2 genetics and genetic history of Europe. The Caucasian race was not actually clarified until genetic testing and Skull measurements. That is why some people are classified as Caucasian because they are. Also, I2 is more classified Caucasus/Caucasian regular, and this gene appears less in, oh, guess what, Anglo-Saxons, and a few other groups of upper European Region, but for the Caucasian race it is J2, R1B, I2, and a few minor genes from neolithic and Paleolithic. I hear this from time to time, but the theory proves beyond that belief. Even, Spaniards and Italians are supposedly not white, completely false because there are Neo-Nazis from those countries.

  4. Mr Mint says:

    This page is full of stupid people.

  5. Blah says:

    Non-Jewish actors in Hollywood are the majority.

    • I love you, Roger Scientist says:

      I can’t think of any.

      • Crazy Panda says:

        Non-Jewish actors/actresses:

        Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Mark Wahlberg, John Cusack, Kurt Russell, Christopher Walken, Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, Will Ferrell, Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman, Nicholas Cage, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Aniston and more……

        • Mr Mi says:

          Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Carey Grant, Henry Fonda, Kevin Spacey, Richard Gere, Guy Pearce, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaghey, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, John Malkovich, Robin Williams, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Matthew Perry, Michael Cera, Rupert Grint, Ed Harris, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore, Tara Reid, Jennifer Garner, Rene Russo, Laura Linney, Meg Ryan, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Monaghan, WILL SMITH

          • bumgum says:

            every1 is jewish! even denzel washington… even jackie chan…

          • nnnnn says:

            Bloom claims
            his father isn’t his native father (greetings from
            L.Trier), in ana case his mother Copeland looks like
            typical Jewish.

          • nnnnn says:

            Moore is Kabbalah….

          • nnnnn says:

            “Oralndo Bloom” lol, lol, lol

            He would be a non-jew, if he has a DNA-analyse.
            Otherwise, his father is still Harry Bloom, a man from
            his birth certificate.

          • nnnnn says:

            Kaballaha followers (Moore, Kutcher etc).

          • nnnnn says:

            You didn’t understand my point.

          • nnnnn says:

            Do you prefer Tilda Swinton now? That ugly
            COMMUNIST and grupensex fan? Typical example
            for physical and moral degeneration.

          • nnnnn says:

            Follers: it’s very reasonable, that Jade and Jaden
            with their 1/64 are not jewish to you. But they are –
            for many visitors at that site

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Although I do believe the original Hebrews were black,I have no confirmed proof,so I leave it alone.However what I’m curious about,is why you would dilute the Jamaicans Jews down to
            (typically something like “1/64th Jewish”, if that.)?

            Especially when you just admitted ,to not knowing what the average contribution is

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            You misunderstood,I was asking about jews in general,not Jada family .Also if you look black,you were called black on the census,no matter what you had in your ethnic background.Now there were many Jews by blood there,but slave weren’t allowed to practice their faith anymore.You practice what the slave master tells you.Now I said slave because jews went into West Africa.They mixed ,and were shipped out as slaves.

            (Black Jamaicans did sometimes have a small amount of (White) Jewish ancestry. I suppose I could have said “1/16th” or “1/256th” instead of “1/64th”, what’s the difference?)

            The difference is from what I see,your basing your assumption on the white jew contribution,that came later.Instead of the home grown blacks,who most likely predominantly mess with each other,like your group did.Therefore not diluting themselves as much as you may have thought.So the contributions to their bloodlines,could be higher.Yet this is me just being curious.


            Don’t hate me,and stop rolling your eyes at the screen.HAHAHA

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            You seem to be sticking with jada.My comment was about Jam Jews % in general not her.You know more about jada right now,than I do.So it probably was a white jew,like you wrote.

          • nnnnn says:

            Also, one-drop-rule is stupid.

          • nnnnn says:

            bomgum: J.Chan is “partly jewish”? Some people
            believe the whole nonsence, they read im Web.

          • nnnnn says:


          • nnnnn says:

            I see common people.

        • nnnnn says:

          It’s not the same,
          as catholics marry with protestants

        • nnnnn says:

          You, narrow-minded persons.

      • Crazy Panda says:

        Some more:

        Gene Hackman, Tim Robbins, Clive Owen, Meryl Streep, Woody Harrelson, Jim Carey, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Swayze, Nick Nolte, Willem DaFoe, Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington, Sigourmey Weaver, Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Paxton, Dennis Quaid, Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton, Vera Farmiga, Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, Diane Keaton, Judi Dench etc etc

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