Gisele Bündchen

Bündchen in 2011, Helga Esteb /

Birth Name: Gisele Caroline Bündchen

Place of Birth: Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Date of Birth: 20 July, 1980

Ethnicity: German

Gisele Bündchen is a Brazilian fashion model, actress, and producer. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. She is 5′11″.

Her parents, Vânia Maria Nonnenmacher and Valdir Reinoldo Bündchen, are both of German ancestry. Bundchen was born and raised in Horizontina, a southern region in Brazil, where there is a large ethnic German community. She is a sixth-generation German Brazilian, with ancestry in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Hesse, and Alsace-Lorraine, France. Gisele has two children with her former husband, American professional football player Tom Brady.

Despite being of German origin, Gisele does not speak German. She stated that she learned German in third grade, but forgot it all. Her parents still speak German to their siblings.

Gisele’s paternal grandfather was Walter Bündchen (the son of Reinoldo/Reinaldo Bündchen and Elsa Irena Hauschildt). Walter was born on March 15, 1926, in Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He was Mayor of Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, from 1971 to 1975. Horizontina’s airport is named after him. Reinoldo was also born in Rio Grande do Sul, the son of Henrique/Heinrich Bündchen/Bünchen, whose parents were German, from Rheinland-Palatinate, and of Rosaline Schwambach, who was the daughter of Jakob/Jacob Schwambach/Schvambach and Margaretha/Margarida Walber. Gisele’s great-grandmother Elsa was born in Rio Grande do Sul, the daughter of Johann/Joahnn “João” Hauschildt/Hauschild and Karolina/Carolina Hermann/Herrmann, who were also of German descent.

Gisele’s paternal grandmother was Lucila Lückemeyer/Lückmeyer (the daughter of Vicente Lückmeyer and Emilia Horst). Lucila was born in Tuparendi, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Vicente was the son of German parents, Anton Lükemeier/Lückemeier, from North Rhine-Westphalia, and Guilhermina/Wilhelmine Emilie Friederike Borchardt, from Cochem-Zell. Emilia was likely also of German descent.

Gisele’s maternal grandfather was João Theobaldo Nonnenmacher (the son of Jacob Nonnenmacher and Elisabetha/Elisabeth Schneider). João was born in Santa Clara do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. Jacob was the son of Domminick Nonnenmacher, who was from Rhineland-Palatinate, and of Margarida Krieger/Krüger, whose parents were German. Elisabetha was the daughter of João Schneider and Ana Maria Mallmann, who were both of German origin, with Ana being from Blantenrat.

Gisele’s maternal grandmother was Maria Kolling (the daughter of Francisco Antônio Kolling and Maria Bohn). Gisle’s grandmother Maria was born in Santa Clara do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. Francisco was the son of Pedro Heberle Kolling and Ana Maria Kieling, both of whom were the children of German parents. Gisele’s great-grandmother Maria Bohn was the daughter of Bernardo Bohn and Maria Dresch, who were born in Germany.


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  1. italiano90 says:

    im pretty sure muricansareallmixed or whatever account they’re using now is still more ethnic looking than Gisele Bundchen if he is indeed from Sardinia. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gisele has barely noticeable amount of indigenous ancestry but I do think her high cheekbones and hooded eyelids are deceiving people. Her and Tom’s son looking mestizo is most likely just an odd combination of his parents phenotype. Anyway Gisele would not be looked at as a “non-white” person in most parts of Europe even with her obvious Brazilian accent.

    • peekaboo mewmew-ricans says:

      Sorry for you I don’t —- ——-, ——–, —–, —-, —-, ——-, ———, ——–, ——, ——-, and every —– you are and fantasize about me.
      The fact I’m mistaken as a fully Euro by the other Euros it’s the clear proof I don’t look exotic like they cause I’m not.
      In Europe she’s viewed like a different white like it is for the “white” ——– and the others from the mixed countries.
      Their children look Hispanics with strong indigenous cause they are despite they’re lighter.

  2. Dolv says:

    She does not look fully German, I live here and she does not look typical. If she did, there wouldn’t be a discussion about it in the comments.

    • andrew says:

      The “discussion” is brought up by a person with ———-. Her genealogy is fairly documented.

      • Dolv says:

        1. Ad hom.
        2. If you look at the past comments from a few years ago people are saying the same thing.

      • peekaboo mewmew-ricans says:

        @Dolv you must know anndrew is a disturbed ——– who fakes to be ——– and classifies randomly she even stated her —- and —– are white and Nordic you can understand how much she’s a troll and problematic can only insults cause she doesn’t know how to respond in a good manner.
        She never travelled to Europe and doesn’t know how — Euros are for real, I’m a European grew up and living in the Old Continent so unlike her I can state it I see all Europeans from everywhere.
        She’s incredibly jealous of me cause I’m very educated in a way she never can be.

  3. doublered3 says:

    she is not a woman of color. she has no brazilian indian in her. she is german.

  4. comrade says:

    Anton Luckemeier was from North Rhine-Westphalia according to a family tree on Ancestry
    and Guilhermina/Wilhelmine Emilie Friederike Borchardt hailed from Cochem-Zell in Germany

    Emilia Horst was likely a descendant of Gerhard Heinrich Wilhem Horst and Wilhelmine Christine Charlotte Petters who started the Horst family in Rio Grande do Sul &

  5. muricansareallmutts says:

    Yeah Turks are Semitic not Euros you ——— can’t see it.
    Le capitali sono tutte così anche in quelle non europee ci trovi molti allogeni ma il resto delle nazioni sono fatte dai nativi ——— per — — ——- — europei ci siamo ancora e tanti tanti in Europa e — — ——- siete ancora la minoranza.

    • andrew says:

      Turks are neither Semitic or “Euros”.

      Ma vai ancora avanti con questa storia che io non sarei “bianco”… ma poi chissenefrega (infatti è una cosa che importa a chi non lo è o teme di non esserlo, tipo te), sei talmente ignorante che ti sbugiardano tutti gli utenti di questo sito, con tutti gli strafalcioni che fai.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        Turks are Semitic not Euros.

        Ma vai ancora avanti con questa storia che tu saresti “bianco”… ma poi chissenefrega (infatti è una cosa che importa a chi non lo è o teme di non esserlo, tipo te), sei talmente ignorante che ti sbugiardano tutti gli utenti di questo sito, con tutti gli strafalcioni che fai.

    • pedro_henrique says:

      Dude lol
      You are italian
      For god sake
      Italians are not that white you know? In fact italians like spaniards has a lot of north african blood. Do you know that Carthaginian Empire, who were semitic and from Middle East, ruled great parts of Italy for centuries? Do you know that Italy got many immigrants from all mediterranean area for centuries? That many egyptian, north african, middle eastern slaves lived in Italy during roman times and stayed there after the empire fell? Do you know that the arabs ruled Sicily and some parts of southern Italy for some centuries? Italy is a very ethnically heterogenous country. What kind of weed are you smoking? The Baltic region has one of most ethnically pure people because this region had never under rule of non white states, considering that it is mostly made of swamps and forests and its natural poverty made if less attractive to foreign empires. The turkic-mongol empires from Asia never got near there, they went for what is now Ukraine, Hungary and nearby. I advice you to take a trip to France, not big cities but middle size, small cities and notice how many middle eastern, south asian and african immigrants are there. France has almost 40% of non white population nowadays, same proportion of USA. It is the most non white country of Europe by far. You say that Giselle’s son do not look white? I think he is more white than most of italians considering that I know Italy, specially the south. You are indeed a crazy man. Poor basta*rd.
      And turkish people are ethnically from central asia. Modern turkish people from Turkyie are descendants of Oghuz turks who came from what is today Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. They migrated to Persia and then to Anatolia where they created their states and mixed with hellenic natives. You should study History more. It would enlighten your ignorant mind and make you like a person. I feel pity for you. You must be a very miserable person.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so comical a —- like you call me —-, me —- unlike you ———– who believe to be —– hahahaha for the umpteenth time you prove you’re so ignorant, uneducated and don’t know races especially we Euros cause you’re so —- can’t travel and live outside the ——- of you ——– —— you can only pick up the fake old fanciful stereotyped info of the net instead from reality.
        Loooool Carthaginians never ruled Italy they tried but failed that’s the —- history — ——— study cause you always try to ———— everybody you hate — —– this is the —- ——.
        We Italians the real ones from Italy not the —- from Usa and the other super —– non-white countries we aren’t black you ———- identify only with the Southerns especially Sicilians and Neapolitans who the huge majority come from Arabs and Spaniards, like me a Southern of ancient Northern Spaniard root cause South Italy since its existence was the second home for many foreigners, me being a Spaniard on adopted Italian nationality I’m not —- like you who —- and don’t —— your own —– —– identity of major —– shape, me being a white Northern Spaniard I’m almost black haired very dark brown and eyed on white skin and delicate Euro face that’s the Berid race the white from Spain and Portugual, Spaniards and Portuguese aren’t all Arabs the ones not mixed to them are like me the lighest are light brown haired and eyed (not Nordic like many complexed Spaniards and some dumb users say here about Northern Spaniards.)
        Muricans rule and manipulated —– so they show us and some other Euros like Hispanics and Arabs ignoring the truth I’m telling, they and you don’t know it you know just a part of us not everybody so you have upside down notions about us and of the rest of Euros and of all the world.
        Native Central-Southern Italians are Alpine they have very light and delicate colors and features cause they originated in the Alpes the highest mountains of Europe that are placed in Central-South Europe not in the North not especially in Scandinavia like you believe you have brain in — hehehe, they have white-pink skin, brown-blond-ginger hair and brown-grey-green-blue eyes and very thin nose and mouth that’s why the ancient paintings made by them show them as light cause they were like they still are, whilst Egyptians painted them totally dark cause they were and are black living in the desert they turned super all dark, Alpine aren’t like the black, Arabs and the —— like — ——— ——- —– rotfl! Alpines look like Northern Euros they have in common the Nordic race and NOTHING to the ——— like you who spend you time to —- to be —– wow-oh you have such an immense —— ——— against ———- you must learn to accept you not deny it cause you can’t change it no matter how you try IT’S IMPOSSIBILE.
        The white Southern Italians like me look white Spaniards being the same, some of the white have light eyes and few even light hair these ones come from the other Euros who came to the South centuries ago.
        Bundchen with her shape of eyes and nose clearly has non-white origin nothing wrong to be mixed I’m simply saying she’s mixed on part Amerindian like the majority of the “white” Hispanics like the fake white from Usa and the New World Countries who have non-Euro background too.
        So the black Italians are simply the —- they’re Arabs not the natives you failed to insult and stumbled on your super —— ———- towards — —–. My country is plenty of — ——– ———- Brazilians also and — have nothing in common to — YOU’RE NOT — is not like you believe due to Muricans who say we’re the same sad for you we’re the opposite so if you come to Italy and the rest of Europe nobody can’t see you as — of — rotfl. So comical see you Hispanic tourists turn ——— when you come to Italy and see we aren’t black —- — as you brainwashed believe due to Murican media.
        The whitest Euros less mixed to non-Euros are Scandinavians except Finns who are the most Asiatic not the Slavs lol especially the ones from the Balkans and the Eastern East they are the most mixed to non-white you don’t live in Europe and you can’t see it.
        Turkish look like Northern Africans and Mid Easterns cause they are Semitic and they originated from the Levant from the Mid East.
        Native French are still the majority in their country and the non-Euro immigrants aren’t the dominant like — —- isn’t like you see in their national football team where the players are almost Afros and Arabs.
        ——- — —– ——- — Euros instead to play the victims of the —— you made by yourselves —— —— ——–turd!

        Pedro Enrique are you NOT REALLY on a second account you have the same hateful way of speaking.

        • andrew says:

          A few notes. How is possibile “me being a Spaniard on adopted Italian nationality” (?) if you have some ancestors from mainland (Tuscany and Liguria) like a good chunk of Sardinians do. I doubt you phenotipically look “Berid” at all, they dont have “delicate features” but actually the opposite. Alpine and Nordic types are also different, the former are brachycephalic, the latter are dolicocephalic. Also there have never been such a thing as “Arabs” in Naples, in fact its name is from Greek and means “new town” (Neapolis), ever heard of Magna Grecia and Italic Peoples (Indo-European ones, not Semitic) who inhabited Sicily and South Italy since Antiquity? Your beloved Spaniard arrived thousands of years later and the fetished “Arabs”influence (actually Muslim Berbers AKA Saracens) is even less negligible.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Close your butthole XD Sardinians are half Arabs half Spaniards in my case fully Spaniard only very few of us come from Ligurians and Tuscans these one are light they have light hair and eyes unlike the rest dominant dark Berids and Levantine, Berids are Europeans they’re not the Berbers from North Africans who you believe to be the same they’re an opposite race but how can you know it you’re another ——— who fake to be of —- —— —- ——— lol, brachycephalic are Asians and Asiatic like Eastern Slavs and dolicocephalic are also Alpine who are mesocephalic too like the rest of the Nordic people.
            Neapolitans like the rest of the Southerns come mainly from Arabs they’re dark from head to toes, then second from Spaniards like me these ones have as dark just the hair and eyes not the skin and our face is European not Semitic like that of the others.
            The Greek period stopped thousand years ago and then it was replaced by the other many foreigners above all Arabic and Spanish.

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