Estella Warren

Warren in 2015, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Estella Dawn Warren

Place of Birth: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: December 23, 1978

Ethnicity: English, distant Dutch, possibly other

Estella Warren is a Canadian actress, fashion model, and synchronized swimmer.

She is the daughter of Esther and Donald Warren.

Estella’s maternal grandfather was William James Thomas Hicks (the son of William Henry Hicks and Gertrude Mary/May Bright). Estella’s great-grandfather William was the son of James Hicks and Charlotte Lorinda Ireland. Gertrude was the daughter of Thomas Albert/Herbert Bright and Mary Elizabeth Devine/Divine.

Estella’s maternal grandmother was Esther Elizabeth Beare (the daughter of John Beare and Wilhelmina Rose Clayton). John was originally from Devon, England, the son of Simon Beare and Mary Ann Saunders. Wilhelmina was born in Ontario, Canada, to English parents, from Derbyshire, William Grenfield Clayton and Harriet Ellen Coathup.

Source: Genealogy of Estella Warren (focusing on her mother’s side) –

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