Erin Krakow

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Birth Name: Erin A. Krakow

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1984

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Erin Krakow is an American actress and producer. She is known for starring on the shows Army Wives and When Calls the Heart, as well as in Hallmark films, including the Father Christmas trilogy.

She was raised in Wellington, Florida. Her father is a doctor.

Erin’s paternal grandfather was named Richard R. Krakow (the son of Benjamin Jacob Krakow and Beatrice). Richard was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Jewish emigrants, from Kiev, Russian Empire, now Ukraine. Benjamin was the son of Israel J. Krakow and Bessie.

Erin’s paternal grandmother was Ana/Ann Rowling (the daughter of Myer Rowling and Ethel Gabowitz). Ana was born in Pennsylvania, to Polish Jewish parents, who were born in Chorzele.

Erin’s maternal grandfather was Mark Mendal Abend (the son of Abraham Nathan Abend and Sadye/Sadie Greenberg). Mark was born in Michigan, to a Jewish family. Abraham was born in New York, the son of parents from Austria, Aaron Louis Abend and Etta Kinitzer. Sadye was born in Michigan, the daughter of Henry Greenberg, who was born in Poland, and of Esther Kessler, who was from Hungary.

Erin’s maternal grandmother is Constance Caplan/Kaplan (the daughter of Leon Sidney Caplan/Kaplan and Doris Lesavoy). Constance was born in Pennsylvania, to a Jewish family. Leon was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Meyer Caplan, who was born in Russia, and of Tillie, who was from Galicia, Austria/Poland. Doris was born in Ohio, to parents from Ukraine, Shaiky Lesavoy and Lillian Greenberg.

Source: Obituary of Erin’s maternal grandfather, Mark Mendal Abend –

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  1. aceqa says:

    Richard Krakow died in 2020. His mother Beatrice was born in Kyiv, Ukraine

    Erin’s paternal grandmother was Ana Rowling (born to Myer Rowling and Ethel Gabowitz). Ana was born in Pennsylvania. Both of her parents were born in Chorzele, Poland.

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