Émilie Dequenne

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Place of Birth: Belœil, Wallonia, Belgium

Date of Birth: 29 August, 1981

Ethnicity: Belgian [Walloon, about one eighth Flemish]

Émilie Dequenne is a Belgian actress. Her roles include Rosetta, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Light, The Girl on the Train, Our Children, Not My Type, and This Is Our Land .

Émilie is the daughter of Brigitte and Daniel Dequenne. She is married to Michel Ferracci, and has one child.

Émilie’s paternal grandfather is Augustin Desire Dequenne (the son of Arthur Simon Dequenne and Renee Rosine Bequet). Arthur was born in Frameries, the son of Desire Dequenne and Adolphine Julia Mahieu. Renee was born in Haulchin, France, the daughter of Augustin Bequet and Eugenie Marie Soupart.

Émilie’s paternal grandmother is Odette Laure Clementine Jouret (the daughter of Emile Auguste Ghislain Jouret and Marie Aline Leonie Bossens). Émilie’s great-grandfather Emile was born in Grosage, the son of Theodore Jouret and Laure Marie Catherine Celeste Dantoing. Émilie’s great-grandmother Marie Aline Leonie was born in Zoutleeuw, and had Flemish ancestry; she was the daughter of Louis Bossens and Marie Louise Clémentine Vanmechelem.

Émilie’s maternal grandfather is José Fagot (the son of Marcel Joseph Fagot and Emilie Irène Boucq). Marcel was born in Ladeuze, the son of Gustave Joseph Fagot and Marie Mathilde Vanus. Émilie’s great-grandmother Emilie Boucq was born in Sirault, the daughter of Jules Joseph Noël Etienne Boucq and Joséphine Amélie Séverine Bochart.

Émilie’s maternal grandmother is Ghislaine Deghouys (the daughter of Felicien Deghouys and Julienne Wacheul). Felicien was born in Ladeuze, the son of Alexandre Desire Deghouys and Amelie Eglastine Duquesne. Julienne was born in Chièvres-Vaudignies, the daughter of Florimond Joseph Wacheul and Marie Briffeuil.

Source: Genealogy of Émilie Dequenne – http://gw.geneanet.org

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  1. ashash says:

    Her paternal grandparents are Augustin Desire Dequenne and Odette Laure Clementine Jouret.

    Her maternal grandparents are Jose Fagot and Ghislaine Deghouys. I wanted to see if Jose may have been of Spanish descent. His parents were Marcel Joseph Fagot and Emilie Irene Boucq. So I think they too were Walloon.

  2. ashash says:

    Her parents are Daniel and Brigitte Dequenne. Her mother’s maiden name is Brigitte Noella Ghislaine Fagot. Here is a family tree that details her grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. as you click on their names:


    It is in French, though, since I assume Emilie’s family is Walloon.

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