Elaine Stewart

Birth Name: Elsy Henrietta Maria Steinberg

Date of Birth: May 31, 1930

Place of Birth: Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Death: June 27, 2011

Place of Death: Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: German, Frisian

Elaine Stewart was an American actress and model.

She was the daughter of Maria Hedwig (Hänssler/Haenssler), a housewife, and Ulrich Ernst Steinberg, a police sergeant. Her parents were German emigrants, with her father being from Norden, Ostfriesland and her mother being from Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg. Her father’s ancestry traced heavily to the Frisian population of Aurich, Niedersachsen.

Elaine was married to television producer Merrill Heatter, until her death. The couple had two children.

Elaine is often described on the internet, including in prominent newspapers, as having been Jewish. At least ancestrally, this was not accurate. Neither of her parents were of Jewish heritage. Her husband, Merrill Heatter, was Jewish.

Elaine’s paternal grandfather was Ulrich Ernst Hajo Steinberg (the son of Haaÿe Philipp/Hajo Jacobs Steinberg and Gretje Johanna Gerds Antons/Schoo). Elaine’s grandfather Ulrich was born in Aurich, Niedersachsen, Germany. Haaÿe was the son of Ernst Philips Jacobs Steinberg and Titia Heyen Willems. Gretje was the daughter of Geerd Antons and Johanna Detmers/Dettmers.

Elaine’s paternal grandmother was Eltje/Attjlo Hinrichs Albers (the daughter of Hinrich Onnen Albers and Heepke Roelfs Wolters). Eltje was born in Aurich, Niedersachsen, Germany. Hinrich was the son of Onne Hinrichs Alberts and Ettje Poppen Bruling. Heepke was the daughter of Hinrich Peters Wolters and Trientje Janssen Wefer.

Elaine’s maternal grandfather was Johann Jakob/Jacob Hänssler (the son of Johann Jakob Hanssler and Cathrina Gaier). Elaine’s grandfather Johann was born in Albershausen, Donaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Elaine’s great-grandfather Johann was the son of Jacob Hanssler and Christina Wolf. Cathrina was the daughter of Johann Georg Gaier and Maria Katharina Frey/Fray.

Elaine’s maternal grandmother was Maria/Marie Katharina/Kathrine/Catharina Schmid/Schmitt (the daughter of Christian Berthold Schmid and Catharina Maria Mossinger). Elaine’s grandmother Maria Katharina was born in Schlierbach, Goppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Christian was the son of Johannes Schmid and Maria Catharina Kik. Elaine’s great-grandmother Catharina was the daughter of Christoph Friderich Mossinger and Rebecca Spieth.

Source: Marriage record of Elaine’s parents – https://www.familysearch.org

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