Eduardo Duhalde

Birth Name: Eduardo Alberto Duhalde Maldonado

Place of Birth: Lomas de Zamora, Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: October 5, 1941

*father – Basque
*mother – Spanish, possibly other

Eduardo Duhalde is an Argentinian politician. A member of the Justicialist Party, he served as President of Argentina, from 2 January, 2002 to 25 May, 2003. He was previously Mayor of Lomas de Zamora, from 8 August, 1974 to 24 March, 1976, and again, from 11 December, 1983 to 10 December, 1987; Governor of Buenos Aires Province, from 10 December, 1991 to 10 December, 1999; and Vice President of Argentina, from 8 July, 1989 to 10 December, 1991, among other duties.

President Duhalde is the son of María Ester Maldonado Aguirre and Tomás Duhalde Gorostegui. His father was born in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, to Uruguayan parents, of Basque descent. His mother was born in La Cruz, Argentina. He is married to politician Hilda González de Duhalde, with whom he has five children. Hilda has been National Deputy, from 10 December, 1997 to 10 December, 2005, and National Senator, from 10 December, 2005 to 10 December, 2011.

President Duhalde’s paternal grandfather was José María Duhalde Zozaya (the son of Tomás Duhalde Uhalde and Lorenza Zozaya). José was born in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, to Basque parents, from Spain. Tomás was the son of Tomás Uhalde and María Uhalde.

President Duhalde’s paternal grandmother was Joaquina Gorostegui Pagola (the daughter of José Antonio Gorostegui and Josefa Pagola). Joaquina was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, of Basque ancestry.

President Duhalde’s maternal grandfather was Andrés Silvano Maldonado Acosta (the son of Antonio Maldonado Díaz de la Torre and María Abdona Acosta Palacios). Antonio was the son of Tomás Maldonado and Silveria Díaz de la Torre Sánchez.

President Duhalde’s maternal grandmother was named Juliana Aguirre Jaimes.

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