Delonte West

Delonte West

West in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Delonte Maurice West

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: July 26, 1983

Ethnicity: African-American, Piscataway Native American, European

Delonte West is an American professional basketball player. A veteran of the National Basketball Association (NBA), he has played for the Boston Celtics, the Seattle SuperSonics, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Legends, the Fujian Xunxing, and the Shanghai Sharks. He is 6′4″.

He is said to have African-American, Piscataway Native American, and European ancestry. Reports are that his mother is dark-skinned while his father is light-skinned. He is described as the lightest in his family, with his brothers being of darker complexion.

Delonte has two children with his former wife Caressa Madden.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. dwestbgriff says:

    okay some dude said that being african american is different than being black my dad is african american not haitian not jamacian he he is a black african american. i am the same color as delonte west so the what if he is light skinned does it affect you…. does it affect his game ….. no so why do people make comments?

  2. heismainlywhite. says:

    Hes clearly has way more white blood so why would he call himself african american? You dont find any native africans that look like him , thats for sure. If he didnt purposely do dress and do his hair like a homie thug , hed look completeley white. Look at some of the old pics of him before he was thugged up. White with a little black is white with a little black. It aint african american. I guess white blood is so looked down upon these days nobody wants to acknowledge it. Racism is alive and well.

    • Fuzzybear says:

      To heismainlywhite.

      Just because he has light skin doesn’t mean he’s majority white,Tom joyner is only 30% white:

    • Get says:


      (so why would he call himself african american?)

      Because that’s how he sees his himself,not every light skin person runs away from being called black

    • Get says:


      (Racism is alive and well)

      Isn’t that a trip,something that was started by white people,promoted by white people,they now complain about.Your great granddaddy,your granddaddy,and your father to would have seen this guy as black period

    • It's other way around, hunny. says:

      It’s not that white blood is looked down upon. It’s that once white blood is “tainted” with black blood, the person automatically becomes AA and can never be considered white. They can, however, be considered black (no matter how little black blood is flowing through his/her veins).

      Maybe white blood really is disliked, but racism/bloodism goes both ways. Based on history, it is more that AA blood does not get as much respect.

    • really? says:

      Clearly you know nothing about native africans because we come in all shades. I don’t understand why people get so offended when someone says they are full black and have light skin. Get over it, not all light-skinned people are white.

    • cool says:

      fuck no




  3. Edgar says:

    Delonte West is My Boy!!
    He rocks

  4. Wally Scerbiak says:

    pretty sure he has every single race mixed in a bucket in his dna. either that or hes not of this planet. the weird looking alien dude….

  5. NUTS!I wrote a crazy long reply to your post but my internet crapped out and I lost it all! Oh well, just wanted to say that it was a great post! Nicely done!

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