Debbi Peterson

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Birth Name: Deborah Mary Peterson

Place of Birth: Northridge, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 22, 1961

*father – Swedish, German
*mother – English, German, Irish, French, Dutch

Debbi Peterson is an American musician and singer. She is the drummer and co-vocalist of the rock band The Bangles. Other members of the band include/have included her sister Vicki Peterson, as well as Susanna Hoffs and Michael Steele.

Debbi is the daughter of Norma and Milton Peterson. She is married to English sound engineer Steven Botting, with whom she has two children.

Debbi’s paternal grandfather was Charles L. Peterson (the son of Carl E. Peterson and Selma Swanson). Charles was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents.

Debbi’s paternal grandmother was Mary Felton (the daughter of Peter Felten and Annie Latour). Mary was born in Minnesota. Peter was the son of German parents, John Felten and Catharine. Annie was also the daughter of German parents, Henry Latour and Anna Mary. The name Latour may have French origins.

Debbi’s maternal grandfather was Merritt Frederick Malott (the son of Robert “Bert” Malott and Glenn Dora/Glendora West). Merritt was born in Indiana. Robert was the son of Robert Malott and Amanda Niccum. Glenn was the daughter of Joseph and Zirzle.

Debbi’s maternal grandmother was Mary Ellsworth (the daughter of Oscar Elmer Ellsworth and Nettie Jane Jarvis). Mary was born in Indiana. Oscar was the son of John McLean Ellsworth and Rosetta Dillon. Nettie was the daughter of Milton Smith Jarvis and Marietta A. Lemon.

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Debbie Peterson and Vicki Peterson at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Peterson (left) with her sister Vicki in 2007, photo by s_bukley/

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