David Archuleta

Archuleta in 2010, Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: David James Archuleta

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 28, 1990

*father – Basque, Danish, Irish, German, Iroquois Native American
*mother – Honduran

David Archuleta is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was a contestant on Season 7 of the show American Idol, finishing second.

David’s father, who is American-born, is of Basque, Danish, Irish, German, and Iroquois Native American descent. David’s mother is from Honduras. 90% of Hondurans are of Mestizo descent, a mixture of European and Indigenous ancestry.

David’s paternal grandfather is named James Jose Rosendo Archuleta (the son of James J. Archuleta).

David’s paternal grandmother was Claudia Ann Diehl (the daughter of Warren Claude Diehl and Mary Violet “Vi” Brown). Warren was the son of Warren Charles Diehl and Thelma Katherine Searle. Mary was the daughter of Danish parents, Jens/James Einar Brown and Kirstine Marie Jensen.

David’s maternal grandfather is Wilfredo Mayorga Alonzo (the son of Jose Joaquin Mayorga Amador and Isabel Alonzo Martinez).

David’s maternal grandmother is named Guadalupe Eulalia Rodriguez Mendoza.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. HANS JIMENEZ says:

    david ismy idol , being spanish filipino asian , people told me that im almost purely spanish , but im still half filipino ,my hearts are for filipino culture search me on facebook hans jimenez

  2. HANS JIMENEZ says:

    hola im hans christian , m , jimenez im spanish filipino

  3. Alex says:

    Wow I had no idea he had Basque in him, not many of them are famous. Proud to be half basque!:D

  4. Delnegro says:

    Then what is basque?

    • American87 says:

      Basque is an ethnic group from the Basque country area, which is in the northern part of Spain (europe) which borders southern france. There is Spanish Basque as well as French Basque. While they speak Castilian Spanish through requirement by Spain´s laws, they also have their own ethnic dialect that they speak, as well. Hope this helps!

  5. Jessica Garcia-De Rivera says:

    Its a bit of a surprise that David Archuleta is half latino/white. He clearly appeared full Latino. Besides about last names telling someones enthinicity is part true & wrong. Because if someone has basic last name like Garcia or Rodriguez you could guess that persons Hispanic(i.e. Mexican,Puerto Rican,Cuban,The Americas, South America,Spain.)

    • andy says:

      uhhhhmmm garcia, gutierrez are white european last names, so are spaniards from spain.

      latinos have those last names just like haitians have french last names, it doesnt mean people with those last names arent white!

    • ... says:

      How can he look “fully Latino”. Latino isn’t a race, Latinos are of different races some are White, some are Indigenous American, some are Black, some are Asian, and the rest are a mix of different combinations that I just mentioned. His white father would probably have a Spanish surname because Spanish is a white language and Spanish people who are white have Spanish surnames, the reason non-white people have Spanish surnames is because of colonization. Just like black people in the US have English surnames.

    • Jackie says:

      Having Spanish last names doesn’t automatically assume you’re a Latino because a lot of Filipinos & Guamanians also have Spanish last names but they aren’t Latino. Although its not surprising that these people will be mistaken as Latinos by their names without looking at their faces. Also there are Latinos who have non-Spanish last names (i.e. Bill Richardson, William Levy, Salma Hayek, Shakira Mubarak, etc.)

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