Courtney Hicks

Birth Name: Courtney Nicole Hicks

Place of Birth: Placentia, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 15, 1995

Ethnicity: Russian, English, possibly other

Courtney Hicks is an American figure skater.

Courtney’s maternal grandfather was Bill Allen/Alex Stupin (the son of Alex Nick Stupin and Alice William Samaduroff). Alex was born in Tbilisi, to Russian Molokan parents, Nikolai Nikolaiovich Stupin and Mary Pavelevna Demitroff. Alice was born in California, the daughter of Vasillii Pavlovich Eyon Samaduroff and Anushka Ivanovna Guray Samarin, who were Russian Molokans from Kars, Armenia (present day Turkey).

Courtney’s maternal grandmother is Esther Homutoff (the daughter of Alex Homutoff and Nellie Pevovaroff). Alex and Nellie were likely also born in the Caucasus, of Russian Molokan descent.

Source: Death records of Courtney’s maternal great-grandparents, Alex Nick Stupin and Alice William Samaduroff –

Courtney’s maternal grandmother, Esther Homutoff, on the 1940 U.S census –

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