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Celine Dion at the 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Mortons, West H

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Birth Name: Céline Marie Claudette Dion

Place of Birth: Charlemagne, Québec, Canada

Date of Birth: March 30, 1968

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, as well as 1/128 Scottish and 1/512 Portuguese

Céline Dion is a Canadian singer, songwriter, businessperson, and actress.

Céline is the daughter of Thérèse (Tanguay) Dion, a television personality, known as “Maman Dion,” and Adhémar-Charles Dion.

Céline is French-Canadian. She grew up in poverty in Québec, Canada. She was raised a Roman Catholic and has released albums in French and English. Céline was married to singer and manager René Angélil, until his death, with whom she has three children.

Céline’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Charles Adélard Édouard Dion (the son of Adélard Dion and Marie Esther Lévesque). Joseph was born in Ste-Anne-des-Monts, Gaspé, Québec. Céline’s great-grandfather Adélard was the son of Joseph Adélard Dion and Marcelline Létourneau. Céline’s great-grandmother Marie Esther was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Lévesque and Marguerite Vallée/Vallie.

Céline’s paternal grandmother was Marie Ernestine Bariault/Barriault (the daughter of Joseph Norbert Bariault/Barriault and Alma Pelletier). Marie Ernestine was born in Les Méchins, Québec. Joseph was the son of Jean-Baptiste Bériault/Barriault and Marie Philomène Isabelle. Alma was the daughter of Amable Pelletier and Célina Beaulieu. Amable’s maternal great-great-great-great-grandfather, João Rodriguez (or Jean Rodrigue in French), was Portuguese, from Lisbon.

Céline’s maternal grandfather was Lauréat Achille Tanguay (the son of Achille Israel Tanguay and Marie Malvina Parent). Lauréat was born in Charlesbourg, Québec. Céline’s great-grandfather Achille was the son of François-Xavier Tanguay and Angélique Bernard. Marie Malvina was the daughter of Antoine Parent and Marcelline Auclair. Angélique’s paternal great-great-great-great-grandfather, Pedro da Silva (or Pierre Dassylva in French), was Portuguese, from Lisbon.

Céline’s maternal grandmother was Antoinette Sergerie (the daughter of Joseph Gustave Sergerie and Marie Adèle Gagné dite Bellavance). Antoinette was born in Saint-Norbert, Québec. Joseph was the son of Firmin Sergerie Saint-Jorre and Marie Bibiane Isabelle. Céline’s great-grandmother Marie Adèle was the daughter of Joseph Gagné and Émilie St Laurent/Saint-Laurent.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. J.J. says:

    correction; her eyes are hazel (light brown) and her hair is dark brown (brunette) I think it should be listed

  2. sadie says:

    I don’t care about her ancestry she is a great singer. A voice like an angel and a wonderful person.

  3. kAyla says:

    she is very good singer,i love listening to her songs,

  4. JL says:

    If you look deeper into her ancestry she is not only french descent. Her family tree is on http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca.

    This is where her tree starts: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogieQuebec.aspx?Genealogy=Celine_Dion&pid=760&lng=en

    She is a desendent of Jean Rodrigue whose real name is João Rodrigues who is from Portugal: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?genealogie=Rodrigue_Jean&pid=13667&lng=en

    She is a descendent of Pierre Miville is Swiss: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?pid=3327

    She is a descendent of Guillaume Ross who is Scottish from Tain, Scotland: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?pid=794693

    She is a descendent of Marie Miteouamigoukoue who is Algonquin (Native): http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?genealogie=Miteouamigoukoue_Marie&pid=9118&lng=en

    Her ancestry is predominantly French from France. Celine has French, Scottish, Swiss, Portuguese, and Algonquin (native) ancestry.

    • Habe says:

      She does look part Algonquin alright.

    • JRose says:

      I’m sorry JL but I am part of Celine’s family tree and you are wrong on a few things….Guillaume Ross was French, the person you referenced is named William and is not the same person and Guillaume is 110% a French name and a common first name among French speaking countries. Also just because someone was born in a country doesn’t mean they are of the ethnicity. There have been many ethnic French people living in Switzerland for a very long time since the borders have changed a lot. All of the people you are referencing have very French last names including “Rodrigue.”

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