Casey DeSantis

Birth Name: Jill Casey Black

Place of Birth: Zanesville, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 26, 1980

*father – Irish, English, German, small amounts of Dutch and Scottish
*mother – Italian

Casey DeSantis is an American news journalist and television show host. She is the wife of Ron DeSantis, who has been Governor of Florida, since January 8, 2019.

She is the daughter of Jeanne, a speech pathologist, and Robert Black, an optometrist and officer in the U.S. Air Force. Casey and Ron have three children. She is a Roman Catholic.

Casey’s paternal grandfather was George William Black (the son of Forrest Verna/Vernon Black and Opal/Oral Pearl Millhoff). George was born in Ohio. Forrest was the son of James Edward Black and Celia Jane Dey. Opal was the daughter of George Benjamin Millhoff and Rosa Alice Pickering.

Casey’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Elizabeth Hogan (the daughter of John M. “Jack” Hogan and Mary Ellen Gallagher). Dorothy was born in Ohio.

Casey’s maternal grandfather was Dr. Angelo Charles Caponigro (the son of Vito Antonio Caponigro and Genoveffa Scotese). Angelo was an Italian emigrant, from Salerno, Campania. Vito was the son of Angelo Caponigro and Carmela Mirro. Genoveffa was the daughter of Vito Scotese and Carmela Caponigro.

Casey’s maternal grandmother was Beatrice Joan Ruggie (the daughter of Alexander Ruggie and Josephine Marsciano). Beatrice was born in Pennsylvania, of Italian descent. Josephine was the daughter of Dominic Marsican and Antonette Martiselli.

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  1. andrew says:

    Marsciano -> Marsicano

    The surname is prevalent in Naples and Salerno as well, so Wikipedia is wrong about her having Sicilian ancestry.

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