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Birth Name: Paul David Hewson

Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Date of Birth: May 10, 1960

Ethnicity: Irish, some Scottish

Bono is an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessperson, and philanthropist. He is the lead vocalist of Irish rock band U2. Other members of the band are Adam Clayton, The Edge, and Larry Mullen, Jr.

Bono is the son of Iris (Rankin) and Brendan Robert Hewson. He is of Irish, as well as at least some Scottish, ancestry. His father was Catholic and his mother was Protestant. Bono is married to activist and businessperson Ali Hewson (born Alison Stewart), with whom he has four children, including model and actress Eve Hewson (Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson).

“The Good Samaritans” won Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2005. Bono was one of three persons chosen to represent that title, along with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.

Bono’s paternal grandfather was Robert Francis/Frances Hewson (the son of Thomas Hewson and Mary Barry). Robert was born in Dublin. Thomas was the son of Robert Hewson and Mary Ann/Anne Mulhall/Mullhall. Bono’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of Richard Barry and Anne Doyle.

Bono’s paternal grandmother was named Anastasia/Anne Maria Keogh (the daughter of Patrick Keogh and Teresa).

Bono’s maternal grandfather was Alexander Frederick Rankin (the son of David William Rankin and Ida Elizabeth Nugent). Alexander was born in Westport, Mayo, County Mayo. David was the son of David Patrick Rankin/Ranken and Anne Elizabeth Edmundson. Ida was the daughter of George Frederick Nugent and Harriett/Harriette Amelia Richardson. Bono’s great-great-grandfather David Patrick Rankin/Ranken was born in Dublin, Ireland, to parents who were from Edinburgh, Scotland, William Rankin/Ranken and Ann Janet Brown.

Bono’s maternal grandmother was Lillian Purcell (the daughter of Arthur Thomas Purcell and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Beamish). Lillian was born in Dublin. Arthur was the son of William Purcell. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Beamish.

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  1. Manila says:

    Lillian’s mother was Elizabeth “Lizzie” Beamish. Arthur’s middle name is Thomas, and he was the son of William Purcell. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Beamish.

  2. bearboy says:

    I love U2, best band ever! Follers, did Bono ever say his mother may of had Jewish ancestry? According to Jew or not Jew he did make this claim but I doubt Bono said that???

  3. Maria says:

    Bono needs to pay his taxes in Ireland not like he dosen`t have enough money! lol

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