Austin Pendleton

Birth Name: Austin Campbell Pendleton

Place of Birth: Warren, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 27, 1940

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Austin Pendleton is an American actor, playwright, theatre director, and instructor. His roles include the films Catch-22, What’s Up, Doc?, The Front Page, The Muppet Movie, Short Circuit, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, My Cousin Vinny, Amistad, A Beautiful Mind, Christmas with the Kranks, and Game Change.

Austin is the son of Thorn Pendleton, who ran a tool company, and Frances Jane Pendleton, an actress.

Austin’s paternal grandfather was Austin Campbell Pendleton (the son of William C. Pendleton and Nellie Austin). Austin’s grandfather Austin was born in Warren, Ohio, and managed the Trumbull Manufacturing Company. William was the son of William K. Pendleton and Clorinda. Nellie was the daughter of Harmon Austin and Minerva Sackett.

Austin’s paternal grandmother was Winifred/Winnifred Thorn (the daughter of Euelen/Emlen P. Thorn and Mary Baird). Winifred was born in Youngstown, Ohio. Euelen was the son of Wilson S. Thorn and Sarah Hogge. Mary was the daughter of Hugh Baird and Margaret Jones.

Austin’s maternal grandfather was William C. Manchester (the son of Hugh A. Manchester and Rosanna Squire/Squier/Squiers). William was born in Ohio. Hugh was the son of Isaac Manchester and Eleanor Wilson, who was born in Ireland.

Austin’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Macgregor/McGregor (the daughter of Duncan G. MacGregor and Martha McDonald). Margaret was born in Bay City, Michigan.

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