Austin Peck

Birth Name: Jeffrey Austin Peck

Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 9, 1971

Ethnicity: Italian (maternal grandfather), Irish, possibly other

Austin Peck is an American actor.

Austin is the son of Clare and a father surnamed Peck. He was raised in San Francisco, California. Austin has two four children, including two with his current wife, actress Terri Conn.

Austin’s maternal grandfather was James V. “Jim” Castiglia (the son of Joseph Castiglia and Susan “Susie”). James was born in New Jersey.

Austin’s maternal grandmother was Catherine Kane (the daughter of Francis Joseph Kane and Katherine). Austin’s grandmother Catherine was born in Washington, D.C. Francis was born in New Jersey, the son of Alexander Kane, who was Irish, and of Mary Blumer. Austin’s great-grandmother Katherine was born in Washington, D.C.

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