Austin Butler

Austin Butler

Butler in 2012, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Austin Robert Butler

Place of Birth: Anaheim, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 17, 1991

Ethnicity: English, one eighth Finnish, as well as Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, German, Scottish, and Welsh, distant Swiss-German and Swedish

Austin Butler is an American actor, model, and singer, also credited under his full name Austin Robert Butler. His roles include the film Elvis (2022), as well as Aliens in the Attic, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, The Intruders, Yoga Hosers, Dude, The Dead Don’t Die, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Bikeriders, and Dune: Part Two, and the shows Zoey 101, Ruby & the Rockits, Life Unexpected, Switched at Birth, The Carrie Diaries, The Shannara Chronicles, and Masters of the Air.

He is the son of Lori Anne, an aesthetician, and David Butler. He has American roots going back to the 1600s.

Austin’s paternal grandfather is Michael Ray Butler (the son of Lloyd Milton Butler and Dorothy Ruby Lamar). Michael was born in Tarrant County, Texas. Lloyd was born in Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, the son of Searcy Loy Butler and Mary Ethel Hargrove. Dorothy was born in Bessemer, Jefferson, Alabama, the daughter of Oliver Mike Lamar and Leona Almeda Langston.

Austin’s paternal grandmother is Linda Lou Hendrickson (the daughter of Charles Lonzo/Lonnie Hendrickson and Barbara Lou Padelford). Linda was born in San Diego County, California. Charles was born in Harriman, Roane, Tennessee, the son of Charles Alonzo/Lonnie Hendrickson and Ethel Shelton. Barbara was the daughter of Fred Emerson Padelford and Grace Lillian Brewster.

Austin’s maternal grandfather was Robert Talmadge Howell (the son of Ernest Howell and Eva Estell Love). Robert was born in Lucedale, George, Mississippi. Ernest was the son of Philipp/Phillip Howell and Ellen Denmark. Eva was the daughter of Alexander Love and Margaret Childress.

Austin’s maternal grandmother is Karen Ruth Bentley (the daughter of Clarence Bentley and Signe A. E. Silampa). Karen was born in Wisconsin. Clarence was born in Streator, LaSalle, Illinois, the son of Matthew Bentley, whose parents were English, and of Izzie May Moss. Signe was born in Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan, the daughter of Finnish parents, Matti/Matt Sillanpää/Silampa, from Saukonkylä, Alajärvi, and Liisa/Elizabeth/Lizzie/Elisabeth Jaakontytär Järvelä/Jaaruela, from Utajärvi, making Austin of one eighth Finnish descent.

Through Austin’s paternal grandmother, Austin is a descendant of William Brewster (c. 1566-1644), a Mayflower passenger and noted Pilgrim. Among many of William’s other descendants are actors Jordana Brewster, Paget Brewster, Chevy Chase, Taylor Lautner, Seth MacFarlane, and Elisabeth Shue, actors and models Noah Mills and Brandon Routh, singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, soccer player Clint Dempsey, Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, and Governor of Arkansas Winthrop Rockefeller.

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  1. crunty says:

    All you seem to know is stereotypes. I would suggest you pay a visit to Finland, and all your illusions will be shattered. While you’re there, pop into Sweden as well.

  2. xoxo says:

    Vanessa downgraded.
    Zac was better looking.

  3. Dogg says:

    I thought he might’ve had some ancestry from somewhere near Scandinavia. He looks it.

  4. shobohunter says:

    smaller Scottish? isn’t “butler” an Scottish ancestry.

    • Alice says:

      Butler is Norman Irish. Any Butlers would have started out from Ireland because that is where the name change occurred.

      • Alice says:

        It is presently one of the most common surnames in Ireland.

        • A user says:

          Butler comes from the french boutillier. I may have spelled that wrong. It came over with the normans and can be either english or irish.

          • Alice says:

            The name Butler was originally used in Ireland.

            “The surname “Butler” was originated in the 12th century by Theobald le Botiller FitzWalter (Lord of Preston). Lord FitzWalter accompanied King John to Ireland to help secure Norman areas. When men whom Walter led killed Dermot MacCarthy, prince of Desmond, Walter was granted land holdings of Baggotrath, County Dublin, and the Stein River lands around what is now Trinity College Dublin. He was also given an important fief, on which Walter both founded an abbey and established his Irish seat. Upon returning to England, King John endowed Walter with the hereditary office “Butler to the Lord of Ireland” in 1177; some evidence indicates that he was also dubbed “Butler of Ireland”. As such, he had the right to pour the King’s wine. This title can be defined as Governor by today’s standards. His son, Theobalde Butler, was the first to hold the name and pass it to his descendants. Walter’s grandson was James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde.[3] Kilkenny Castle was the main seat of the Butler family.” The history of the name is even on Wiki.


            I know the history well as it is in my family tree. I can say with assurance that the name change occurred in Ireland from Theobald le Botiller FitzWalter.

          • A user says:

            Hmm, your right.

      • crunty says:

        Lol@ Butler remark. His lineage in the main looks english.

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