Ann Coulter

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Birth Name: Ann Hart Coulter

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 8, 1961

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, distant Dutch

Ann Coulter is an American conservative and political commentator, writer, columnist, and lawyer (she appeared, as an actress, in the third Sharknado film). Ann is the daughter of Nell Husbands (Martin) and John Vincent Coulter.

Ann has English, Irish, German, and distant Dutch, ancestry. All of her paternal great-great-grandparents were immigrants. Ann’s religion is Presbyterianism.

Ann’s paternal grandfather was William James Coulter (the son of James Henry Coulter and Josephine Haas). William was born in New York. James was born in New York, the son of James P. Coulter, who was born in Ireland, and of Ellen Chambers, who was born either in Ireland or New York. Josephine was also born in New York, the daughter of German parents, Peter Haas and Lucy Schafer.

Ann’s paternal grandmother was Helen A. Keegan (the daughter of John L. Keegan and Catherine E. Broderick). Helen was born in New York.

Ann’s maternal grandfather was Hunter Martin (born Hunter Hart Weissinger, the son of Henry Yarbrough Weissinger and Lena Hunter Hart). Ann’s grandfather Hunter was born in Kentucky. Henry was the son of Henry Yarbrough Weissinger and Emily Elizabeth Miller. Lena was the daughter of George Obed Hart and Adeline Hunter Stout. Ann’s maternal five times great-grandparents were Leonhardt Weissinger and Agnes Dorothea Scheiffele, German immigrants from Kirchheim, Württemberg.

Ann’s maternal grandmother was Nell Havens Warner (the daughter of Charles Gordan Warner and Nellie P. Nance). Ann’s grandmother Nell was born in Kentucky. Charles was the son of John Palmer Warner and Julia A. Havens. Ann’s great-grandmother Nellie was the daughter of Monroe Nance and Clio Grubbs.

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  1. Godux says:

    Ann Coulter’s lineage also goes back to Coenradt Ten Eyck, who was among the first thousand or so settlers in New Amsterdam (now Manhattan)

  2. follers says:

    Now that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have said they won’t come back, Ann Coulter and Debbie Schlussel should co-host the next Golden Globes.

  3. keythd23 says:

    Actually, she is the epitome of everything that is good in life. And smart and good looking to boot.

  4. LadyNikkitten says:

    Ethnicity: Horseface bigot.

  5. Troy Van Gosslaar says:

    I have heard she also has horse in her ancestry as well.

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