Anker Jørgensen

Birth Name: Anker Henrik Jørgensen

Date of Birth: 13 July, 1922

Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of Death: 20 March, 2016

Place of Death: Copenhagen, Denmark

Ethnicity: Danish

Anker Jørgensen was a Danish politician. He served as Prime Minister of Denmark, from 5 October, 1972 to 19 December, 1973, and again, from 13 February, 1975 to 10 September, 1982. He was also Foreign Minister of Denmark, from 1 July, 1978 to 30 August, 1978, and President of the Nordic Council, in 1986, and again, in 1991.

He was the son of Karen Marie (Christiansen) and Johannes Albert Jørgensen. His parents died of tuberculosis early in his childhood, and he was raised by relatives. He was married to Ingrid Kvist Pedersen, until her death, with whom he had four children.

Prime Minister Jørgensen’s maternal grandfather was Johan Henrik Christiansen (the son of Christian Vilhelm Nielsen and Anne Larsdatter). Anne was the daughter of Lars Poulsen and Birthe Marie Nicolaisdatter.

Prime Minister Jorgensen’s maternal grandmother was named Ane Marie Sørensen.

Source: Genealogy of Anker Jørgensen (focusing on his mother’s side) –

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