Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin – “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” New York City Premiere – Arrivals – AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theater – New York City, NY, USA, 2016 – Photo Credit: Laurence Agron /

Birth Name: Andrea Louise Martin

Place of Birth: Portland, Maine, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 15, 1947

Ethnicity: Armenian

Andrea Martin is an American actress, singer, author, and comedian. Andrea is also a Canadian citizen.

She is the daughter of Sybil A. (Manoogian) and John Martin. Her family’s surname was originally Papazian. She is of Armenian descent. Andrea has two children with her former husband, Canadian actor, director, and producer Bob Dolman. Bob’s late sister, actress and singer Nancy Dolman, was the wife of actor and comedian Martin Short.

Her paternal grandparents were ethnic Armenians from Turkey, who left to escape the Armenian Genocide.

Andrea’s paternal grandfather was named Mesak/Misak Ohanes Papazian. Mesak was born in Erzurum.

Andrea’s paternal grandmother was named Arak Aynoian.

Andrea’s maternal grandfather was named Horan Manoogian. Horan was an Armenian emigrant, from Yerevan, Armenia.

Andrea’s maternal grandmother was named Angel Stephanian. Angel was an Armenian emigrant, from Istanbul, Turkey.

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  1. jim says:

    It depends on one’s definition of “White”. She is definitely Caucasian in every sense of the word. According to US legal definition, she is “White” being a descendant of people from the regions West of/and including the Middle East. Thus most Arabs, Persians, (and North Africans) are defined as such.

  2. bablah says:

    Misak Ohanes Papazian was born in Erzurum, Turkey.

  3. Thenabster says:

    She also looks kinda Middle Eastern.

  4. ames says:

    Armenians *are* white.

  5. Thenabster says:

    She kind of looks white.

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