Alannah Myles

Birth Name: Alannah Byles

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: December 25, 1958

*75% Irish
*25% English

Alannah Myles is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is known for her award-winning song “Black Velvet.” She is the daughter of William Douglas “Bill” Byles, a pioneer in the Canadian broadcasting industry, and Sheilagh Francis Byles.

Alannah’s paternal grandfather was Percy William Byles (the son of Thomas Job Byles and Agnes Alder). Percy was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Thomas was born in Oxford, the son of William Byles and Anne Maria Collins. Agnes was born in Binsey, Berkshire, the daughter of Richard Alder and Harriet.

Alannah’s paternal grandmother was named Mary Margaret Blake. Mary Margaret was an Irish emigrant, from Dublin.

Alannah’s maternal grandfather was named John Rankin. John was born in Ireland.

Alannah’s maternal grandmother was named Annie O’Hanlon. Annie was born in Ireland.

Sources: Family tree of Alannah’s father –

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  1. Erik1714 says:

    But, how do you know that those are his maternal grandparents?

  2. Erik1714 says:

    I just found that her mother was Sheilagh/Sheila Francis Rankin, born in 1917, possibly the daughter of a John Rankin. The surname Rankin can be Irish or Scottish, and in Canada can be traced to both countries, Ireland and Scotland.
    Given the name “Sheilagh” Irish can be assumed, but it is uncertain.

    If anyone wants to help I would be grateful, I couldn’t find anything else so far.

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