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Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppe – G20 Summit Press Conference in Cannes on November 3, 2011 – Cannes – Cannes, France – Photo Credit: Pixplanete / PR Photos 

Birth Name: Alain Marie Juppé

Place of Birth: Mont-de-Marsan, Aquitaine, France

Date of Birth: 15 August, 1945

Ethnicity: French

Alain Juppé is a French politician. He served as the Prime Minister of France, from 17 May, 1995 to 2 June, 1997. He has been Mayor of Bordeaux, since 8 October, 2006, and was previously Mayor, from 19 June, 1995 to 13 December, 2004. He was also Minister of the Budget, from 20 March, 1986 to 10 May, 1988, among other duties.

Alain’s father, Robert Charles Juppé, was a Gaullist member of the resistance at the end of World War II, and was from a family of railwaymen; he later became a farmer. Alain’s mother, Marie Élisabeth Jeanne Raymonde Darroze, was the devoutly Catholic daughter of a judge.

Alain is married to Isabelle Legrand-Bodin. He was previously married to Christine Leblond. He has three children.

Alain’s paternal grandfather was Clément Juppé (the son of Clément Juppé and Élisa Roucau). Alain’s grandfather Clément was born in Algeria. Alain’s great-grandfather Clément was the son of an unknown father and Françoise Juppé. Élisa was the daughter of Antoine Roucau and Françoise Prouzet.

Alain’s paternal grandmother was named Clotilde Augusta Dabezies.

Alain’s maternal grandfather was Albert Raymond Darroze (the son of Gratien Emile Darroze and Marie Antoinette Roquebert). Albert was born in Campagne, Landes, Aquitaine, France. Gratien was the son of Raimond Darroze and Élisabeth Mompez. Alain’s great-grandmother Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Pierre Roquebert and Jeanne Tournaire.

Alain’s maternal grandmother was Jeanne Henriette Lamaison (the daughter of Joseph Lamaison and Marie Amélie Durand). Jeanne was born in Cauna, Landes, Aquitaine, France. Joseph was the son of Étienne Lamaison and Jeanne Pescay.

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    Elisa Roucau -> Élisa Roucau

    Élisa was the daughter of Antoine Roucau and Françoise Prouzet.

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