Adam Rodriguez

Rodriguez in 2010, DFree /

Birth Name: Adam Michael Rodriguez

Place of Birth: Yonkers, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 2, 1975

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Cuban

Adam Rodriguez is an American actor, screenwriter, and director. He is known for his role as Eric Delko on the television series CSI: Miami.

He is the son of Janet, an airline ticket agent, and Ramon Rodríguez, an executive with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is married to Grace Gail, with whom he has three children.

Adam has said:

My dad is half Puerto Rican and half Cuban, and my mother is Puerto Rican and a mix of other things. So those cultures were intermixed throughout my life. I don’t identify with one over the other. But it also depends with food – if I have carne mechada, then I want arroz moro. If I’m having chuletas, I want habichuelas rosadas!

Adam has property in Puerto Rico.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. cwm85 says:

    I bet he has a little African blood in him…

  2. M says:

    He’s okay looking, his jaw area bugs me though

  3. Girll says:

    It is obvious he is tri-racial.

    Handsome guy.

    • thomas1987 says:

      He looks middle eastern,or Arab maybe his family is like salma Hayek, she is of Lebanese decent i think.

      • Gurrl says:

        Some Puerto Ricans can have a pseudo Arab appearance due to Spanish being mixed with indigenous/African.
        If this guy was named Omar i bet people would think he’s Egyptian or something.
        Salma Hayek is Mexican, and there is a Arab population in Mexico. I’m not sure how common it is in Puerto Rico though, but i highly doubt Arab ancestry is the reason why he looks the way he does. It’s too unlikely.

        • memphis says:

          Well he looks Moroccan. Being Puerto Rican he probably has Canary Islander ancestry, North African, Indigenous Taino and some West African ancestry plus mainland Spaniard/Basque.

  4. Check7t says:

    He looks Egyptian.

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