Aaryn Doyle

Birth Name: Aaryn Élan Doyle

Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: 1992/1993

Ethnicity: African-Canadian, Irish, Jewish

Aaryn Doyle is a Canadian actress, singer, and dancer. She starred in the made-for-tv movie Camp Rock.


Curious about ethnicity

4 Responses

  1. Lady Sarah says:

    hey i’d have to say i agree with david
    5/5 for aaryn she looks great
    saw pics of her recently on this site http://whatittakesbylola-aaryndoyle.blogspot.com/
    and she looked amazing and sounded fantastic

  2. Prince Harry says:

    Hey Yall it’s Thursday the 13th, LOL-a
    Woot woot for LOLA loved her in camp rock.
    Great legs, arms, and bod but a strikingly gorgeous face. Since the Disney move she has even grown more beautiful. And yes Sam, I believe I’ve got “what it takes”. Money, looks, confidence, and I know how to be a gentleman. My vote is 5/5 a 6/5 if possible.
    So how can I meet my princess anybody with the answer?

  3. Jay :) says:

    Yo David, I’m with you on that call that girl is hotter than a fryin pan on high and she sizzles too.
    Aaryn Doyle you take my breath away. 5/5 is my vote… 5 stars all the way baby.

  4. David says:

    Wanted to vote for Aaryn Doyle with a 5/5 but I don’t know where to vote on this page. She is smokin hot :)

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