Zoe Kazan

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Birth Name: Zoe Swicord Kazan

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 9, 1983

Ethnicity: Greek (paternal grandfather), English, German

Zoe Kazan is an American actress, screenwriter, and playwright. She is the daughter of screenwriters/filmmakers Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord (Robin Stender Swicord). Her sister is actress Maya Kazan. Her paternal grandfather was of Greek descent, and her other ancestry is English and German.

Zoe’s paternal grandfather was director Elia Kazan (originally Kazantzoglou, the son of George Kazantzoglou and Athena Shishmanoglou). Elia was born in the then-Ottoman Empire, of Greek descent. George was the son of Elia Kazantzoglou. Athena was the daughter of Isaak Shishmanoglou and Anna Karajosifoglou.

Zoe’s paternal grandmother was Mary “Molly” Day Thacher (the daughter of Alfred Beaumont Thacher and Emma Cecelia Erkenbrecher). Mary Day was of English and German descent, with many prominent ancestors. Alfred was the son of Thomas Anthony Thacher and Olivia Elizabeth Day. Emma was the daughter of Cornelius Miles Ekrenbrecher/Erchenbrechber and Mary Beck.

Zoe’s maternal grandfather was Henry Grady Swicord II (the son of Henry Grady Swicord and Julia Rebecca Worn). Zoe’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of James Spurgen Swicord and Nancy Parker. Julia was the daughter of Oscar Lloyd Worn and Florence Louida Boyett.

Zoe’s maternal grandmother was Jean Carroll Stender (the daughter of Carl Henry Stender and Esther Carroll). Carl’s parents, Carl Hinrich/Heinrich Stender and Meta Sophia Albers, were German.

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    1. People think that if you’re born in “Asia” you’re Asian as far as race goes. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many Caucasians in Asia, Indians, Arabs, Russians, Rurks, etc. The only “mongoloids” (the Asian race) are Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Thai, etc. Besides which, Greece is in Europe sw well as a small part of Turkey.

    1. Kazan is a town in Rep. Tatarstan in Russia. The word itself is probably Turkic (Tatars are also Turkic) therefore her surname goes back to her Ottoman roots. Her real surname Kazantzoglou literally means Profit-son. Most Ottoman Greeks had Turkish surnames just like her grandparents.

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