Victor McLaglen

Birth Name: Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh McLaglen

Date of Birth: December 10, 1886

Place of Birth: Stepney, London, England

Date of Death: November 7, 1959

Place of Death: Newport Beach, California, United States

*Afrikaner, including Irish, Dutch, German, and Scottish (father)
*English or Irish (mother)

Victor McLaglen was an English boxer and actor. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for The Informer (1935).

Victor was the son of Lillian Marian (Adcock) and Andrew Charles Albert McClaglen (Andries Carel Albertus Mclaglen/MacLachlan). His father was born in Cape Town, South Africa; some of the surnames in his family tree suggests Irish, Dutch, German, and Scottish, ancestry. His mother might have been born in either Cumbria, England or Ireland.

Victor’s paternal grandparents were Jacobus Petrus Mclaglen (the son of James Phillip Mclaglen and Catherine Neyhoff) and Greitji Cornelia Rutgers/Rutger. Victor’s great-grandfather James was the son of Lachlan MacLachlan and Jennett Robertson.

Victor’s maternal grandfather was named Henry Adcock.

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