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Lachey in 2014

Birth Name: Vanessa Joy Minnillo

Place of Birth: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Date of Birth: November 9, 1980

*50% Filipino
*25% Italian
*12.5% Irish
*12.5% Ashkenazi Jewish

Vanessa Lachey, previously credited under her birth name, Vanessa Minnillo, is an American television personality and host, beauty queen, model, and actress. She is a former Miss Teen USA, and is famous for hosting Total Request Live on MTV from 2003 to 2007. Vanessa is married to singer Nick Lachey, with whom she has three children.

Vanessa’s father, Vincent Charles Minnillo, an American Air Force officer, is caucasian, and is of one half Italian, one quarter Russian Jewish, and one quarter Irish, descent. Vanessa’s mother, Helen Ramos (Bercero), is a Filipina from Manila.

Vanessa’s paternal grandfather is Vincent John Minnillo (the son of Christopher R. Minnillo and Ann Theresa Defelice). Christopher and Ann were both born in Pennsylvania. Christopher was the son of Italian emigrants, Francesco Minnillo and Maria Carolina Federico, from Matrice, Campobasso, Molise. Ann was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Savino Defelice/di Felice, from Rivisondoli, Abruzzo, and Maria Ramicone.

Vanessa’s paternal grandmother is Marilyn Edith Levy (the daughter of Julius Levy and Anna Beatrice Collins). Julius was born in Ohio, to Russian Jewish parents, Henry Levy and Mary. Anna was also born in Ohio, to Irish immigrants, James Collins, from Mayo, and Bridget Agnes McGinty.

Vanessa’s maternal grandparents are Froilan Bercero and Julita Ramos. Froilan and Julita are both Filipino.

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Birth record of Vanessa Lachey –

Marriage record of Vanessa’s parents –

Birth record of Vanessa’s paternal great-great-grandfather, Francesco Minnillo –

Birth record of Vanessa’s paternal great-great-grandmother, Maria Carolina Federico –

Vanessa’s paternal great-grandparents, Julius Levy and Anna Beatrice Collins, on the 1930 U.S. Census –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. CC says:

    Funny that you mentioned Austronesian but you mistakenly categorized filipinos to be polynesian. Polynesians are those who came from islands in the Pacific Ocean. Geographically, Filipinos are not polynesians nor are they pacific islanders. They are not in in the pacific ocean nor are they in the pacific plate. Philippines has it’s own tectonic plate called the Philippines Plate..and in the east of the Philippines, it’s the Philippine Sea..which eventually becomes the pacific ocean.

    I will take your Austronesian argument though since that is more of an accurate description. Austronesian migration is theoretically thought to have started from indonesia or taiwan. That’s up for a debate. But either way, the migration went from the indonesia or taiwan to the Philippines, and after a couple thousand years (give or take) the migration to the pacific ocean happened, and those people who migrated to the pacific ocean are called polynesians/pacific islanders.

    • Amber Berg says:

      Actually I think the firs filipinos were melanisians- very dark, short people that looked like africans- but dont have any african blood in them

      • Lalaine says:

        We filipinos do not have african blood lines. Most of us are mixed malay, chinese and spanish and now a days some even have american. The dark skined filipinos you see in pictures are probably aboriginies or those filipinoes who stay in mountainous areas far from the main cities. Please come and visit the Philippines so you can see what the majority of filipinoes really look like. Please research first before you comment. It is insulting sometimes.

        • Cat says:

          Are you saying it is insulting to have african bloodlines? you would be so luck it is a honor and I am half filipino and black.

        • Amber Berg says:

          Exactly I said they are not African, however they look identical to Africans, some call them melanisians, or negritoes! I did research type in the original people of the phillipines and see what you come up with! See what they looked like they gonna look like Africans, however like I said they are not Africans, they are black though, you dont have to be African to be black!

  2. Kat says:

    It’s not true that filipinos don’t want to identify themselves as non-filipinos. I am in a filipino group at my school and we all are like family. Yes, there are certain groups that gossip and are annoying but this is so for ANY ethnicity. And the reason some may believe that they are ‘POOR, no quality, no class’ is because they see us as just the definition of a 3rd world country. It is not like that. Filipinos are just as hard-working as any ethnic group. The individuals are different, and you can’t classify a whole race based on the few you ‘know’.

  3. danewyork says:

    I am Filipino and thats good that she said she is Polynesian. because here in Unites states all Filipino hates filipino..Filipino nevers associates with fellow filipino..sad to say..
    thats why a lot of filipino here not only Vanessa dont want to indentify as filipino, and when they say Filipino in Unites States meaning POOR people, no quality,no class,nothing…only gossiping about the fellow filipino.
    Indian,korean,Mexican,japanese,chinese but when it comes to Filipino…very ,low treatment..and thats the truth..

    • bluesurf808 says:

      Really? Where do you live? I find that statement to be inaccurate. Filipinos pull through for each other. “POOR. NO QUALITY? NO CLASS?” Excuse me, would you consider yourself to have all these? You must be rich, opinionated, and nieve (I didn’t want to say stupid cause you know, I wouldn’t want to leave you an impression that I was one of no quality and no class) Are you filipino? I am. I am very respectful towards everyone. I have many filipino friends, and when someone asks me my nationality, I tell them I am filipino. I have not experienced any low treatments…

  4. garnet earth says:

    Di bale na ayaw nya matawag na part Filipino Di lang maganda palaki dyan tsaka Di naman maganda reputation nya kaya oks lang hello.

  5. garnet earth says:

    Di bale na kung ayaw nya tawaging Filipino. Di lang maganda palaki dyan. And besides Di naman maganda reputation nya kaya Oks lang yan.

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