Vanessa Bayer

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Birth Name: Vanessa Polster Bayer

Place of Birth: Orange, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 14, 1981

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Vanessa Bayer is an American actress and comedian. She was a cast member on the show Saturday Night Live. Her parents are both Jewish (from families from Poland, Russia, and Czechoslovakia). She was raised attending Reform Jewish congregations.

Vanessa’s paternal grandfather was Jack Jay Bayer (the son of Max Bayer and Becky Tisch/Tokarz/Tokar). Jack was born in Ohio, the son of Polish Jewish parents. Max was the son of Morris Bayer and Tobia Zolkoff. Becky was the daughter of Moishe/Moses/Morris Tisch/Tokarz/Tokar and Rachael/Rose Singer.

Vanessa’s paternal grandmother is Evelyn Mistezky/Mistetsky (the daughter of Joseph Mistezky/Mistetsky and Fannie Feigeh Grushewski). Evelyn was born in Ohio, to Polish Jewish parents. Joseph was the son of Pincus Mistecki/Mestesky.

Vanessa’s maternal grandfather was Jerome Isadore Polster (the son of Harry Polster and Anna Greenberger). Jerome was born in Ohio, to Slovak Jewish parents. Harry was the son of Sam Joel/Yoel Polster, who lived in Mandatory Palestine, now Israel, and of Jennie Saur. Anna was the daughter of Samuel Greenberger and Rosa Berkowitz.

Vanessa’s maternal grandmother was Bernice Marjorie Gilman (the daughter of Morris Gilman/Gellman/Galman/Gelman and Hilda R. Rockwell). Bernice was born in Ohio, the daughter of a Russian Jewish father and a Czech Jewish mother. Morris was the son of Meyer Gilman/Gellman/Galman/Gelman and Mary/Marie/Marion Solway/Grochok. Hilda was the daughter of Fishel Rockwell and Bella.

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