Tirso Cruz III

by Manila on February 21, 2017

Birth Name: Tirso Silvano Cruz III

Place of Birth: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: April 1, 1952

Ethnicity: Filipino (Ilocano and Tagalog), 1/8th French-Canadian, 1/256th Menominee (First Nations), remote Breton, English, Belgian (Walloon), Cornish, and Swiss-French

Tirso Cruz III is a Filipino actor and singer.

Tirso’s father, Tirso Bailey Cruz, Jr. was a club manager, also from Sampaloc, Manila. Tirso’s mother, Elma Acosta Silvano, was born in Wailuku, Hawaii, United States, to Filipino parents.

Tirso is married to Erlinda Erillo “Lynn” Ynchausti, with whom he has three children.

Tirso’s paternal grandfather was Tirso Cruz y Muñoz (or Tirso Muñoz Cruz, Sr. in Filipino, the son of Félix Cruz and Marcosa Muñoz).

Tirso’s paternal grandmother was María Loreto Bailey y Lagrosa (or María Loreto Lagrosa Bailey in Filipino, the daughter of Louis, later Lewis Edwin, Bailey and Margarita Lagrosa). María Loreto was born in Hong Kong, to an American soldier, from Stowe, Vermont, and to a Filipino mother, from Manila. Lewis was the son of French-Canadian emigrants, Richard Bilodeau, later Bailey, of Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton, Québec, and Exilda Marie Maillé, later Dora McGee, of Montreal, Québec. One of Dora’s great-great-grandmothers belonged to the Menominee tribe, who were First Nations. Tirso is a direct descendant of Zacharie Cloutier (c. 1590-1677), a prominent early Québec settler.

Tirso’s paternal grandparents were Thomas Silvano and Petra Verzola Acosta (the daughter of Mauro Acosta and Silvina Verzola).

Tirso’s second half-cousin, once removed, is actress Sunshine Cruz.

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Manila December 14, 2017 at 3:22 am

When I looked deeper into Tirso’s French-Canadian ancestry, he also has Breton, English, as well as remote Belgian (Walloon), Cornish, and Swiss-French ancestries.

Also, he is a direct descendant of Zacharie Cloutier (c. 1590-1677), a prominent early Quebec settler.

One of Dora’s great-great-grandmothers belonged to Menominee tribe, which is part of First Nations.

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