Thomasin McKenzie

Birth Name: Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie

Place of Birth: Wellington, New Zeeland

Date of Birth: July 2000

Ethnicity: Scottish, English, more distant Jersey [Channel Islander]

Thomasin McKenzie is a New Zealand actress, also credited as Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie and Thomasin McKenzie-Harcourt. She is the daughter of actress Miranda Harcourt and director Stuart McKenzie. Her uncle is presenter Gordon Harcourt.

Thomasin’s maternal grandfather was Peter Harcourt (Peter Millais Harcourt, the son of John Gordon Harcourt and Dorothy Le Geyt Millais). Peter was born in Wellington. John was the son of John Bateman Harcourt, who founded real estate firm Harcourt & Co. in Wellington, in 1888 (now Harcourts International); and of Harriette/Harriet Ellen Wallace. Dorothy was the daughter of Henry William Highland Millais and Jessie Ann Louise Ross.

Thomasin’s maternal grandmother is actress Kate Harcourt (born Catherine Winifred Fulton, the daughter of Gordon Fulton and Winifred Harriet Austin). Kate was born in Amberley, North Canterbury. Gordon was the son of John Fulton and Catherine Macfarlane. Winifred was the daughter of Austin Albert Austen and Winifred Cameron, who was Scottish.

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