Taylor Schilling

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Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 27, 1984

Ethnicity: German, English, 1/16th Swedish, Dutch, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Taylor Schilling is an American actress. She has colonial American roots going back to the 1600s.

Taylor’s maternal grandfather was Harry Johnson Miller, an internist and hematologist (the son of Harry Garfield Miller and Harriet Ruth Wildish). Taylor’s great-grandfather Harry was born in Iowa, to a German father, Franz Mueller, and a Swedish mother, Selma Karlson/Johanson. Harriet was the daughter of Joseph Everett Wildish and Edith Van Wormer.

Taylor’s maternal grandmother was Lucia Fairchild Taylor (the daughter of John Warner Taylor and Clara Bertram Fuller). John was the son of John Stevenson Taylor and Mary Elizabeth Steele. Clara was the daughter of artists Henry Brown Fuller and Lucia (Fairchild) Fuller, and the granddaughter of figure and portrait painter George Fuller.

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  1. andrew says:

    she has also Scots-Irish ancestry through John Warner Taylor: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Taylor-Family-Tree-17550

    Genealogy of Clara Bertram Fuller: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Fuller-Family-Tree-5177

    her 3rd great-grandfather was this man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Fuller_(painter)

  2. ihatemostpeople says:

    Could pass for Katy Perry’s sister.

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