Mark Foster

by madman on January 18, 2017

Birth Name: Mark Derek Foster

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 29, 1984

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, distant Welsh

Mark Foster is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is the lead singer, guitarist, and keyboardist of the indie pop band Foster the People, which also includes Mark Pontius.

Mark is the son of Kathleen Lois (Powlison) and Daniel S. Foster.

Mark’s maternal grandfather was Howard Whitfield Powlison (the son of Kenneth Whitfield Powlison and Pansy Arvada Fitch). Kenneth was the son of Maude A. Pomlison, whose father was Canadian. Pansy was the daughter of Charles Freemont Fitch and Abbie Ruth McCrea.

Mark’s maternal grandmother was Doris Ruth Waggoner (the daughter of Harry Thomas Waggoner and Helen Beatrice Porter). Harry was the son of John Henry Waggoner and Lulu May Colmer. Helen was the daughter of Ira Mackey Porter and Margaret Ann Roll, who was born in Thorn Hill, Pennsylvania, to German parents.

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Walt Whitman

by savanna on January 10, 2017

Birth Name: Walter Whitman

Date of Birth: May 31, 1819

Place of Birth: West Hills, New York, U.S.

Date of Death: March 26, 1892

Place of Death: Camden, New Jersey, U.S.

*English (father)
*Dutch, Welsh (mother)

Walt Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist.

Walt was the son of Louisa Van (Velsor) and Walter Whitman. His father was “of English stock, descended from Puritans who had moved to Huntington in the 17th century.” His mother was of Dutch and Welsh descent.

Walt’s paternal grandfather was Jesse Whitman (the son of Nehemiah Whitman and Phoebe “Sarah” White). Nehemiah was the son of Joseph Whitman and Sarah Ketcham.

Walt’s paternal grandmother was Hannah Platt Brush (the daughter of Tredwell Brush and Hannah Platt). Tedwell was the son of Isaac Brush and Sarah Platt. Hannah was the daughter of Epenetus Platt and Sarah Scudder.

Walt’s maternal grandparents were and Cornelius Van Velsor and Amy Williams (the daughter of John Williams and Mary Woolley).

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Chad Lowe

by andrew on January 7, 2017

Birth Name: Charles Davis Lowe II

Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 15, 1968

Ethnicity: German (about half), along with English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish

Chad Lowe is an American actor and director.

Chad is the son of Barbara Lynn (Hepler), a schoolteacher and native of Shelby County, Ohio, and Charles Davis Lowe, a trial lawyer. His older brother is actor Rob Lowe.

Chad is of approximately half German ancestry (both of his parents were of part German descent). Chad also has English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry.

Chad’s paternal grandfather was Robert Edward Lowe (the son of John Frank/Franklin Lowe and Flora E. Nienaber). John was the son of James M. Lowe and Arminta/Mary. Flora was born in Indiana, to German parents, Henry Nienaber, from Oldenburg, and Philomena Linschmidt, from Prussia.

Chad’s paternal grandmother was Maurine Davis (the daughter of James Oliver Davis and Nell/Nellie H. Rushen/Rusken/Ruskin). James was the son of Newton M. Davis and Lucinda H. Bennett. Nell was the daughter of Mantford F. Rushen and Amanda Ellen Hoss.

Chad’s maternal grandfather was Robert Monroe Hepler (the son of Oran William Hepler and Bessie Mae East). Oran was the son of Lewis Hepler and Sarah Ellen Alt, who were of German descent. Bessie was the daughter of Monroe M./Samuel East and Priscilla Alice Crider, who were both also of German origin.

Chad’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Olive Grouver (the daughter of Harry Ford Grouver and Olive Marie Owen). Harry was the son of John J. Gruver, whose parents were German, and of Jane/Jennie Ellen Lilley. Chad’s great-grandmother Olive was the daughter of Griffith C. Owen and Melissa McFarlin.

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Caleb Followill

by andrew on January 3, 2017

Birth Name: Anthony Caleb Followill

Place of Birth: Mount Juliet, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 14, 1982

Ethnicity: English, some German, distant Welsh, remote French

Caleb Followil is American musician. He is the singer and rhythm guitarist for rock band Kings of Leon, whose other members include Caleb’s brothers, Nathan Followill and Jared Followill, and Caleb’s cousin, Matthew Followill.

Caleb is the son of Betty-Ann (Washington) and Ivan Leon Followill. He is married to model Lily Aldridge.

Caleb’s traceable ancestry is mainly English. He also has some German, distant Welsh, and remote French, roots. He descends from Domingo Madeiras, a man who came to Virginia through the Netherlands in the 1600s, and who was either Portuguese or Spanish.

Caleb’s brother Jared has said:

Finally found out where Followills came from. It was originally Followell and we came to Virginia from Wales in the 1700s. I’m Welsh. Cool… Welsh and Native American on my dad’s side – Followill. English and Native American on my mom’s. Washington.

It is it not clear if Caleb’s Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Caleb’s paternal grandfather was Mitchell Leon Followill (the son of Moses/Mose Aaron/Arron Followill and Elsie Jane Kunkel). Moses was the son of Francis Followill. Elsie was the daughter of Samuel Kunkel and Martha Dodd.

Caleb’s paternal grandmother is Mildred.

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John Mellencamp

by madman on December 30, 2016

Birth Name: John J. Mellencamp

Place of Birth: Seymour, Indiana, United States

Date of Birth: October 7, 1951

Ethnicity: German, Scottish, English, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Irish, Welsh, French, remote Belgian (Flemish)

John Mellencamp, also known as John Cougar Mellencamp, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, painter, and actor.

John is the son of Marilyn Joyce (Lowe) and Richard Lee Mellencamp.

John’s paternal grandfather was Harry Perry Mellencamp (the son of Johann/John Herman/Henry Louis Mellencamp/Mollenkamp/Melloncamp and Caroline/Carolyn “Carrie” Mary Mackey). John’s great-grandfather Johann was born in Columbus, Indiana, to German parents, from Enger, Germany, Johann/John Herman Friedrich/Louis Mellencamp/Mollenkamp and Anna Maria Bramsche. Caroline was the daughter of John Henry Mackey, who was German, and of Anna Maria Angelica Munte, who was likely of German descent as well.

John’s paternal grandmother was Laura L. Noblitt (the daughter of John Franklin Noblitt and Martha Ella/Ellen Ehlers/Ellers/Ellerson/Ellis). John’s great-grandfather John Noblitt was the son of Joel Vandeveer Noblitt and Elizabeth Codey McCalister/McCallister, and had Irish, French, English, Scottish, and Belgian (Flemish) ancestry. Martha was the daughter of Frederick James Ehlers, who was German, and of Martha Phemlot.

John’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Harrell Lowe (the son of Joseph Heber Lowe and Mary Louisa Belnap). John’s great-grandfather Joseph was born in Franklin, Idaho, to Scottish parents, Thomas Lowe and Eliza Galloway. Mary Louisa was the daughter of Gilbert Rosel Belnap, who was Canadian, and of Adaline Knight, and had English, and some Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), ancestry.

John’s maternal grandmother was Bessie E. Lowry (the daughter of Charles Clinton Lowry and Cora Ethel Whitsett). Bessie had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Welsh, and English, ancestry. Charles was the son of John Alvin Lowry and Martha Ellen Whitsitt. Cora was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Whitsett and Hannah Margaret Morrison.

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