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Kyle Kuzma

by ethnic on January 3, 2018

Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 24, 1995

*African-American (father)
*Ukrainian, English, German (mother)

Kyle Kuzma is an American professional basketball player. His mother, Karri Kuzma, is white, and has Ukrainian, English, and German ancestry. Little is known about his father, but it is assumed that he is African-American.

Kyle’s maternal grandfather is named Kenneth Gene Kuzma.

Kyle’s maternal grandmother is Cheryl Lynn Pickelman (the daughter of Albert Junior Pickelman and Martha Virginia Redding). Albert was the son of Albert George Pickelman and Amalia “Molly” Zeitler, who was born in the Volga village of Krasenyahr, Russia, to ethnic German parents. Martha was the daughter of James Lynn Redding and Myrtle Irene Crow.

Source: Obituary of Kyle’s maternal great-grandmother, Martha Virginia (Redding) Pickelman – http://www.mumfordfuneralhome.com


Joanna Cameron

by madman on April 30, 2017

Birth Name: Joanna Kara Cameron

Place of Birth: Aspen, Colorado, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 20, 1951

*English, Welsh, Scottish (father)
*German/Volga German (mother)

Joanna Cameron is an American actress and model. She is known for her role in the television series The Secret of Isis.

One account lists Joanna’s parents as Erna Louise (Borgens) and Harry Kenneth Cameron. Her father was of English, Welsh, and Scottish descent. Her mother was born in Colorado, to ethnic German parents.

Joanna’s paternal grandfather was Frederick O. “Fred” Cameron (the son of John M. Cameron and Olivia).

Joanna’s paternal grandmother was Hazel Dorothy Jones (the daughter of Samuel Cornelius Jones and Alice May Alexander). Samuel was the son of Richard D. Jones, who was born in Tavodick, Carnorvonshire, Wales, and of Charlotte Permelia Holmes.

Joanna’s maternal grandfather was Jacob Henry “Jake” Borgens (the son of Henry Borgens and Katherine Margaret “Katy” Bostron). Jacob was born in Saratov, Saratov Oblast, Russia.

Joanna’s maternal grandmother was Mollie A. Bauming.

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Mariana Klaveno

by stlucas on April 19, 2017

Birth Name: Mariana E. Kleweno

Place of Birth: Endicott, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 25, 1979

*German [including Volga German] (father)
*Norwegian, English, possibly other (mother)

Mariana Klaveno is an American actress.

Mariana is the daughter of Daryl S. (Evans) and Patrick J. Kleweno. Her stage name “Klaveno” is a modification of her actual surname, “Kleweno”.

Mariana’s father has German ancestry. Mariana’s mother has ? ancestry.

Mariana’s paternal grandfather was Melvin Lawrence Kleweno. His parents were George Christian Kleweno and Alma/Alvina M. Rischmiller/Rischmueller (the daughter of August Rischmiller and Maria Meier Wehmeir). George was born in Kansas, to ethnic German parents from Russia, whose ancestors moved, c. 1766, from nearby Vogelsberg, Hesse, Germany, to the Volga region of Russia (Saratov, Russia). Alma was born in Minnesota, to parents from Germany.

Mariana’s paternal grandmother was Anna Rebecca Lust. Her parents were John Lust (the son of John Philip Lust and Elisabeth Schmick) and Julia Scheuerman. John and Julia were also ethnic Germans born in Russia, whose ancestors moved, c. 1766, from nearby Vogelsberg, Hesse, Germany, to the Volga region of Russia (Saratov, Russia).

Mariana’s maternal grandparents were Lawrence J. Evans and Marjorie M. Hisken. Marjorie’s parents were Perry C. Hisken (the son of Charles C. Hisken and Rignie) and Mabel Harris (the daughter of J. Nelson Harris and Alice Augusta Tisdale). J. Nelson’s parents were Hiram Harris and Martha Wilkinson. Alice’s parents were Edward Tisdale and Amanda Ripley.

Perry was born in Illinois, to parents from Norway. Mabel was from New York, of English descent.

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Sean Giambrone

by stlucas on February 22, 2017

Birth Name: Sean Adam Giambrone

Place of Birth: Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 30, 1999

*Italian, including Sicilian (father)
*German, including Volga German (mother)

Sean Giambrone is an American actor.

He is the son of Voni and David Giambrone. His father is of Italian ancestry. His mother is of German descent. He has a brother, Luke. They were raised in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Sean’s paternal grandfather was Frank Giambrone (the son of Michael Salvatore Giambrone and Josephine Guzzetta). Frank was born in Illinois. Michael was born in Santo Stephano Dgirgento, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, the son of Salvatore Giambrone and Filomina B. Josephine was born in Louisiana, the daughter of Sicilian parents, Francesco Guzetta and Liboria Cancilla, who was from Vallelunga-Pratameno, Miles Se Palermo.

Sean’s paternal grandmother is Anne Marie Mugnaini (the daughter of Umberto Mugnaini). Umberto was a founder and president of the Mazzini-Verdi Club, and a founder of the Italo-American Maroons Club, an early Italian-American soccer team.

Sean’s maternal grandfather is named Duane Donald Heimbouch.

Sean’s maternal grandmother is Betty Jane Ruppel (the daughter of George Ruppel and Molly/Mollie Martin). George and Molly were from Kamenka, Saratov Oblast, Russia. Molly was the daughter of Phillip Martin and Anna Kuxhausen. Some of her family was from Hesse, Germany.

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Gabriel Heinze

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2010 Soccer - 2010 FIFA World Cup - Argentina vs. South Korea (4-1) - June 17, 2010

Birth Name: Gabriel Iván Heinze

Place of Birth: Crespo, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Date of Birth: 19 April 1978

Ethnicity: Argentinian (Volga German, Italian/Sicilian and Spanish)

Gabriel Heinze is an Argentine football coach and former player. He played 72 times with Argentina.

He is the son of Ofelia Carmen del Pilar Titina and Jorge Alejandro Heinze. His father was of Volga German descent. His mother was Italian/Sicilian and Spanish ancestry. Gabriel is nicknamed El Gringo.

Gabriel’s maternal grandparents were Antonino Amata and Angela Martinez. Antonino was born, c. 1907, in Troina, Province of Enna, Sicily, Italy. He immigrated to Brazil in 1924 and later settled in Argentina.

Sources: http://estacionplus.com.ar

Photo by Prphotos.com